10/12/2014 – Today we discuss 5 recently un-covered photographs snapped in the mid-1960’s, showing a distinct “Flying Saucer” type UFO or military vehicle ma…
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  1. These pictures seem to have taken during broad daylight, over inhabited
    areas. Taking into account the possibility that not everyone had a camera
    handy (in fact i would even argue that the captain incredible luck of
    having his camera at hand everytime is amazing!!) one could postulate that
    there should be at least another picture of the same events.

    Image 1 : the pixel size for the saucer seems to small, too sharp in
    comparison to the sky around. The colour is also too vivid. It looks like
    the edge of the disc has been darken in purpose pixel by pixel whilst
    omitting some to make it “more real”. Size seems off to.

    Image 2 :same issue with the saucer edge. I found strange that top part of
    the picture as disappeared. Considering the angle of the picture and the
    angle of the craft there should be a small bump (assuming a perfect
    symmetry of the craft). Complete over exposure of the picture around the
    craft, which is often a telling sign of old school picture manipulation.
    Size seems off too.

    Image 3 : pretty much carbon copy of image 2, with one exception : slightly
    more angle to the picture. To me this 2 cancel each other, as i find a bit
    hard to believe that the same craft would appear at virtually the same
    angle or would do a second pass “just because”. No.

    Image 4 : wrong perspective for the craft, size off, 2nd one over the hills
    is even more of a joke that main one. Poor quality of picture (how
    convenient). No.

    Image 5 : Same comment as Image 1 : too good, too sharp for what is around.

    Now, something else that is very telling (to me) :

    1 – every picture with the craft has got a huge black pixel. Every single
    one!!! so that guy was pretty unlucky to have a roll of 35mm film which
    happen to have a black flake on each of the picture which depicted a space

    2 – every single picture is bad quality. If he took those, developed them
    (surely he didn’t send them to a shop!!) and then stored them, the pictures
    should be in very good condition. I have many of my grand parents B&W
    pictures which were kept in attic and they are in much better condition
    that those.

    3 – do some B&W picture yourself and see how easy it is to manipulate, then
    think about those!!!

    I can not take those seriously, good joke played by someone years ago!!
    well done him!!!

  2. Suspicious of the picture with the dude pointing at the craft. It seems
    like he pointing in the correct direction from the angle of the photo,
    however, if you were standing where he was, you would actually be pointing
    way to the right of the craft.

  3. having lived during those years and having taken my fair share of “UFO”
    photographs with some declared “true unknowns”. (yeah unknown hoaxes) LOL I
    can readily explain the “maneuvering” you are seeing in these photos. When
    film was expensive and you did your best to frame the shot of the moving
    object they never always came out perfect. Because when you throw them much
    like a Frisbee in a time before Frisbees were made and then snapped the
    picture they always flew differently every time they were thrown. So the
    maneuvers were just trying to catch the damned thing in the photo without
    wasting film.
    It was considered great humor to fake these events and have them declared
    “UFOs” by UFO groups especially when you were military because the military
    component lent credence to the subject.
    One of my faves was the Tomlinson UFO with flame exhaust. It was printed in
    hundreds of magazines and books. Of course Bob Tomlinson was holding a pie
    plate and the “flames” were his hand and arm made to look like flames by a
    photo developer hobbyist.
    Such was the fun during those years after the UFO flap began,. for the sole
    reason that most Americans are stupid and will buy anything. Come on now do
    not deny it, have you paid attention to the crap you buy at Walmart? How
    about voting for the fellow who promised you “change” TWICE!!!
    Yes there are UFOs but there are so many more fakes today. . . . Ever watch
    “Dark Side of Moon” productions? And yet people buy that crap all the time
    . . .

  4. For those commenting on how crisp and clean details were in older photos
    well there’s a reason we went to digital. I’ll let you guys guess why. It’s
    like the excuse for why we stopped using lead based paint because so many
    children were getting lead poisoning. Yeah right. Give me back my leaded
    gasoline not only was it cheaper it was better for my engine. New and
    improved isn’t always better. I miss my lps nothing sounded better unless
    it was played live. 

  5. Look legit to me. Thanx again secure team for posting great vids, and
    thankyou to the couple that found these pics an made them public. Keep up
    the great work secure team we are all so thankful for your great work your
    doing its so very apreciated !!

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  7. In the end of days, there shall be a great deception and men will stray
    from the path of righteousness and turn their backs on God. Aliens did not
    create mankind, nor are they from another solar system. Why would sentient
    evolved beings travel millions and millions of miles through space just to
    hide themselves, abduct us, frighten us and tell us God and Jesus don’t
    exist. It’s manipulative and they are not what they claim. Years ago they
    claimed to be from Venus or Saturn. Now that we know life cannot exist
    there, they claim to be from another star system. I believe these entities
    are demons, nephilim or fallen angels cast out of heaven. They have been
    corrupting mankind ever since to trying and lead us away from the one true

  8. I think anything that looks like an old hubcap or is triangular is likely
    to be antiquated reverse engineered models from Hitlers era.
    Any self respecting galaxy travelling alien would not be seen dead in them.

  9. Why would someone be pointing at a craft that anyone with eyes can see? Who
    is he pointing it out to, Helen Keller? His arm in the pointing pic does
    not seem to be lined up with the craft. Who is a captain in the USAF after
    only a 4 year tour during peacetime? One of the pics showing the gentleman
    from behind indicates that either the gentleman is a nephilim or the
    photographer is a short midget. I may be wrong… I hope I am wrong.
    Something seems off is all.

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