Anomalous ducks song

The song for the duckies! Hope you like it! :) Music and voice by Bbone6512. Credits go to the creator(s) of the SCP-c…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 мыслей о “Anomalous ducks song

  1. +GlennLeroi. Cool song Glenn. Just asking…(If you have time to read the
    comment though). I wanted to ask if your going to be making the others
    SCP’s?.Such as like SCP-682,1048 or 372?. Their are other one’s that I want
    to put on here that were attended to the game.But I don’t want to make you
    feel you know. Stress out of all the songs that you have to create. 

  2. Doesn’t this just make you wanna to take one home? ^^ The main character of
    SCP Containment Breach should have rescued the little duckies from the
    horrible research facility where they were being held.

  3. I honestly HATE the songs that Glenn posts without him singing in it. I
    liked the Charlie Jr, song partly because Glenn sang the first part of it,
    and it was plain awesome, even with the other singer, I believe that song
    should have got more viewers then it does now. But, this song is

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