GTA 5 Crazy UFO Lobbies, Heists & More! Squadcast #15 (GTA V)

GTa 5 & GTA Online Crazy Modded UFO Lobbies – GTA 5 Heists Talk & More GTA 5 Online Topics! (GTA V) ▻ More “GTA 5″ & GTA Online Videos: ▻ Please Leave A Like …

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25 мыслей о “GTA 5 Crazy UFO Lobbies, Heists & More! Squadcast #15 (GTA V)

  1. I modded gta 4. But I would go to the airport and spawn a bunch of sultans.
    And then I would make ramps in the runway and everyone would have fun. If
    everyone else was like me then it wouldn’t matter

  2. Cannot be bothered with heists now, rockstar definitely waited too long
    with this one. Most of my friends don’t play GTA anymore, I’ve gotten
    seriously bored of it. Heists will have to be amazing for me and my friends
    to play again. 

  3. i wan’t to know why people think gta is dying, i like it cause i got it
    back 3 weeks ago i knew online would be fucked so i didn’t wanna play a
    mess, i still have a lot to do i only own a small house and finding it hard
    to make money, so why are people saying its dying, unlimited races, plenty
    of vehicles to use and so much more stuff 

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