GTA 5 – Flying UFO Easter Egg Over Mt. Chiliad – Illuminati Alien UFO Mystery (GTA V) [100%]

GTA 5 Easter Eggs. Discover UFO’s Ghosts, Cheat Codes and more. This is the first UFO discovered and I show you how this is revealed and why Buy this game or any PS4 games or accessory at…
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Aliens UFO USO Underwater - Secret Deep Sea Red Code [document] [lektor eng]

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25 мыслей о “GTA 5 – Flying UFO Easter Egg Over Mt. Chiliad – Illuminati Alien UFO Mystery (GTA V) [100%]

  1. I would but I am currently trying to kill all gta v police in Los santos, I
    heard u actually get to buy the building after and get like 2 mill an hour
    if u constantly commit crime

  2. I was doing the mission rooftop rumble and I was driving towards madrazos
    house when my car slammed into nothing in the middle of the street, I
    turned the camera angle and saw the ufo. It was sitting on top of some
    small building. First time seeing it lol

  3. I went directly under the ufo, I like how it abducted me, they took me to
    the star system of Pleiades, they didn’t talk, they are telepathic, I knew
    what they said through the captions. anyone rise GET abducted through the
    beam under the ufo?

  4. I know we have to complete all the strangers and freaks and all missions
    all I’m asking is that do we have to complete them in gold instead of
    silver or bronze or any way but it has to be all missions complete 

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