Kick Ass UFO Sightings!! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Over 20 UFOs!~ Watch Now!

Kick ASS UFO Videos! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Full Length Special Report! Over 20 UFO Videos! Mars, to the Moon, on Earth Incredible Videos Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon For the Month Of..
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UFO Collection December 2014 Сборник НЛО 2014 HD Видео НЛО.

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  1. If you got 10,000 people whom are willing to get hurt even worse for the
    cause and disclosure myself being one of many,what do you think would
    happen if we all stormed AREA 51 and entered the facilites,they could stop
    a few hundred of us but not all 10,000 at one time,any thoughts!!!

  2. They are not aliens. They are demons. They were thrown down to earth by a
    great war in heaven. They are stuck here unable to go back to heaven. They
    are now trying to mislead all mankind into thinking aliens are real. But
    they are not. Soon they will mobilize the whole earth into a war against
    the incoming kingdom of god. I would not be surprised if the governments
    come out and say they are about to come under attack by aliens and so the
    earth needs to unit against an imminent threat of alien attack. But in
    reality they will be uniting against gods incoming kingdom. Daniel 2:44
    tells us the out come.

  3. Because we don’t know what they are, they’re immediately classified as
    extraterrestrials? You’ve seen far too many Hollywood movies. We don’t
    live in the Twilight Zone. No cookbook here. Is there no chance at all
    that they could be terrestrial? Super Top Secret maybe? Maybe they just
    want you to believe? OMG… I hate to use that abbreviation…but really?
    Stuff on Mars? You don’t trust the government to tell you the truth but
    you’re using government pictures (that are supposedly) from Mars as proof?
    Hmmm? I’ve personally seen multiple UFO’s (as have several close friends),
    but that does not mean they came from some distant star system. Amazing
    that no real accounts of UFO’s (as flying saucers, etc) exist before 1947.
    You’ve all been carefully taught over decades to believe this bullshit.
    Wake up, dummies. Wake the fuck up. The real invaders are much closer to

  4. I don’t believe in Aliens. In this 21st century the best we can come up
    with as proof is shaky grainy camera footage? There has never been a
    generation like this one in the history of man where we have so much access
    to good cameras and yet the footage shown as “proof” is dodgy at best.

  5. Ok those little lights that the guy was filming were actually dynamic
    parachute drops with flairs. Sometimes we spin around really fast and turn
    and drop fast by pulling on one handle or the other. When we jump at night
    we have flairs. It’s fun, but that was us in Florida, not UFO’s. Sorry
    dude. I bet it looks cool though from far away. It is intelligent flight,
    because we are flying together and maneuver in various extreme ways
    intentionally. When the lights go out one by one as you see them, that’s
    the flairs burning out. The smoke trails are from the flares themselves. 

  6. I personally think that aliens do exists but I think they (and maybe the
    governments of the world) don’t believe our society is ready to face the
    truth without it causing world wide hysteria that would probably lead to
    mass killings and suicides. Not to mention possible economic downfall for
    the world.

    What intelligent species wants to knowingly cause that?

  7. I see ufo’s every night over a hillside here, last night i saw this birght
    white/blue light appear on the hill side.. fadeout and re appear about 20
    meteres… then shoot up about 60 ft.. stationary and sort of morph in the
    sky for a while.. then this thing released/turned into 4 “aeroplanes”
    flashing irregular patterns… 2 WEEKS prior to this i see, the craft
    upclose ( about 25 foot away from me ) I can’t even describe what this
    thing was. Cheers 

  8. It’s so easy to identify all the faked videos. Alien races and their
    vehicles will never look like something we, as humans, would be able to
    predict. They will not look like Star Wars, Star Trek, or even
    ‘Alien’…those are man-made ideas of what aliens and their ships will look
    like. It’s not possible for us to predict what a completely separate
    evolution might create with unknowably advanced technology. 

  9. Our star brothers and sisters are assisting us in our accession. They bring
    unconditional love and respect for us. Soon when we are at a high enough
    state to start contact, one of the races called Yahyel will be the first to
    make open contact. Usually ET’s use a methodology called Spirit Channeling
    in the begging stages of making contact with an isolated civilization.
    There are many sources of interactions through channeling and through
    concepts like hypnotism, such as the book by Dolores Cannon called
    Custodians. Humanity has a great future ahead <3

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