Latest UFO video from dutch skywatchers filmed on 11-12-2014 part 1

In this video i focused on three objects. For more details about those crafts, visit this site for zoomed in images.…
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4 мысли о “Latest UFO video from dutch skywatchers filmed on 11-12-2014 part 1

  1. Letter just sent to Lockheed Aircraft.
    Dear Sirs
    Please could you give me some answers to many certain Silent Aircraft I’m
    filming here in the UK.
    There are many craft that hover for many minutes as if being held by an
    Anti Gravity device or some other technology that I’m still unable to
    These craft are about 30 feet wing tip to wing tip, they have an array of
    non AA strobe lighting, they are silent, they are also able to communicate
    with thought. Is this a craft that is something your have developed or are
    in the process of, as these craft are now being seen and filmed in mass all
    over the world. Being an ex employee of Bendix ATC this is something I have
    never seen before in my field.
    I thank you for your time. Kind regards, John.

  2. Very nice bro’ :) Never seen the two rows of lights underneath before here,
    only you have so far managed to see them, not even Peter Believer in
    Germany, and I’m sure my dear friend Pieter of Ufosightings2014 from
    Antwerp has not yet seen them. I managed to film one from underneath the
    other morning around 0400am, will upload later, these are all the same
    craft, and I still say there are too many for them to be military, can only
    be ET.

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