NICE!! UFO Sightings Metallic Flying Saucer! Victorville, CA [Enhanced Video] 2015

Flying Saucer Spotted over Victorville, CA? Super Enhanced Footage with Stabilization and Raw Video! Portions of audio has been replaced due to Radio Music. January 2nd 2015 driving over …

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24 мысли о “NICE!! UFO Sightings Metallic Flying Saucer! Victorville, CA [Enhanced Video] 2015

  1. Not being funny bit if you see the UFO and was filming it.why stop after
    driving along filming would get your hairy ass up that dust road and
    be up the hill like a long dog.makes me think that for some strange reason
    the person don’t wanna get to close.not cuz he’s gonna get arse probed but
    the fact its a silver balloon. Just saying?????????

  2. here is my thought on that one – i don’t know if you guys have seen those
    UFO radio controlled toys you can buy that are filled with helium but
    attatched with fans to control up, down, left, right and forward and
    reverse motion, that thing didn’t disappear behind the mountain – it landed
    on it! these helium filled toys (which are silver foil ufo shapes come in
    various sizes up to about 8 ft in diameter) i think it is one of those, or
    a modified version of one of those to increase it’s size to perhaps 12 ft
    diameter? just my thought – thanks for sharing :-)

  3. i dont know guys ill be the first one to point out fake!!!! but not sure
    about this one,, hard to tell but i will say when they zoomed in ,it looked
    like it was changing or pulsing ? i could be wrong though ?

  4. There are way too many hobbiest with drones out there. Shooting anything
    from far away isn’t good enough anymore like it used to be in the past. So,
    with that said, I’d suggest not posting this type of video where it’s way
    too far too make out. It doesn’t work anymore. Keep it real guys and not

  5. It does appear to be landing. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to
    Victorville. I live about 50 miles west of there. I believe there is an
    Army Base close by. Out here in the desert, there is alot of strange shit
    in the skies. I live by Edwards AFB. This is why I don’t film anything cuz
    these are Military testing area’s. So it’s real hard to tell if it’s “Live
    or Memorex”..So there U have it “DE-Bunkers”……I do think the ppl that
    are so negative about this channel/website shouldn’t even comment here
    because none of U offer proof that these posts are fakes….Bring proof,
    then comment…Bahhh

  6. Ok something probably is flying in the air, if we suppose the footage is
    real. But why is your first explanation always the most unbelievable? There
    is something flying, a balloon, a trash bag or whatever. There is no
    evidence at all, what that thing is. 

  7. Just so everyone knows…. UFO’s do not come out during the day.

    And I doubt 100% that I can be pointed to any video clip that is a genuine
    day time capture… this certainly is not one.

    This ain’t aliens kids.

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