Prophet Yahweh Summons UFO for ABC News

Prophet Yahweh Summons UFO for ABC News

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25 мыслей о “Prophet Yahweh Summons UFO for ABC News

  1. I don’t believe that this guy really summoned UFO’s, but the fact that some
    aircraft coincidentally appeared out of nowhere after he prayed, and then
    suddenly “disappeared” is definitely interesting. Thanks, Arin!

  2. False #Prophet ” #Yahweh ” #Summons ” #UFO ” aka #fallenangels / #planets /
    #wandering stars for #ABC #News: This deceived false prophet #summons and
    #channels fallen angels/ #demons / #orbs, prays to and worships them and
    claims they are #Holy! The #heretic, #wizard, #sorcerer also #blasphemes by
    calling himself Yahweh and a prophet. He follows their instructions as if
    they are #divine #authorities & is also part of the #BHI ( #black #Hebrew
    #Israelite ) #cult, believes in ” #space ” & the ” #universe “. People, RUN
    from and #rebuke this #blasphemer and pray that he grows some #discernment,
    #repents and seeks proper #knowledge of the #Lord and the world and things
    He created. 

  3. 1. The patterns of consciousness neurologically imprinted onto your brain
    during your youth determine what you can and cannot accept as truth. Thus
    personal indoctrination is imperceptible to most humans; much like how the
    subtle linguistic inflections of your own spoken accent are indiscernible
    to most people.

    Think of it like this: Fish don’t know they’re wet.

    2. For the devout believer no evidence is necessary. For the devout skeptic
    no evidence will suffice. Neither is in control of their own mind. Neither
    actually know themselves in a practically applicable sense and are
    controlled by their beliefs, thus constituting little more than mildly
    glorified automatons, mere robots.

    3. Beliefs are a form of software in your mind. Most of it is imprinted
    onto your brain and accepted uncritically during youth. Very little of what
    you know (or think you know), or are (or think you are) was installed by
    you via a considered conscious decision to add a specific thought pattern
    to your overall cognition. Ergo most of what you are and what you think and
    believe was put into your head either by accident or by other parties
    (religious groups, political groups, “educational” institutions & academia,
    entertainment, et cetera).

    4. Any group that will not allow any thoughts, cognitive dissension, or
    foreign concepts that fundamentally challenge the intellectual
    superstructure of its ideological system is a cult, irrespective of its
    size or acceptance within a society.

    5. UFOs are not allowed to exist in the mainstream cultural paradigm
    because they fundamentally challenge or outright disprove many of the myths
    and dogma of the cult of science. Yes, science has become a cult

    6. Those who cannot at the very least seriously entertain the possibility
    of such things as UFOs are no better than mindless robots, cultists,
    parroting their programming out loud. To be pellucid: You are not being
    asked to accept an idea that is incommensurable or intrinsically
    incongruent to your current belief system. Rather, you are being asked to
    *entertain* concepts and ruminate upon them dispassionately, simultaneous
    with your other beliefs. Kind of like having a computer run two (or more)
    programs at once. Your mind should be able to do that. If it can’t then you
    need to learn how to better utilize your RAM/grey matter.

    7. The more vehemently a person objects to these seven points (including
    this one), the more clearly they reveal themselves to be a deeply
    indoctrinated cultist, incapable of changing their mind. True humans can
    change their minds at will. Machines cannot and must strictly adhere to
    their programming.

    Are you a human or a robot?

    “Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself. What of it?
    I am enormous.
    I contain multitudes.” -Walt Whitman

  4. HELLO EVERYONE! I am starting a trend right here and now.

    Everyone who sees any of these fear mongering religious comments on alien
    videos start reporting them.

    It has gotten out of control and distracts everyone.

    They are already religious nuts because they’re nuts, which means there’s
    no reasoning with them.

    Like they say at the zoo, DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS!

    So from now on, when you see a comment like that, make sure to leave a
    friendly zoo reminder to everyone! 

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