Shuttle Atlantis Photo With UFO Near ISS, Sep 2013

For More Exclusive Information on UFO ISS:…

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20 мыслей о “Shuttle Atlantis Photo With UFO Near ISS, Sep 2013

  1. Why not? I had a similar experience and I’ve told most of the people I
    know. People need to know about this, and since they are hearing it from a
    close friend/relative, they’ll be more inclined to believe it.

  2. I never believed in UFO’s until this past Friday night. Me and a buddy were
    sitting in a field drinking beer out in the middle of nowhere, and we
    watched this thing for almost an hour moving in ways human air craft could
    not do. It was moving extremely fast yet making 90 degree changes in
    direction. I’m really in awe, unfortunately I’m not going to tell many
    people because they will think I’m crazy.

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