The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! [Best UFO Footage]

The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! [Best UFO Footage]

The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! Incredible Footage Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon from around the world! Flying Saucer Spotted over Victorville, CA? Super Enhanced …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Shot October 2012 while driving through Santa Clarita. There were two crafts. After sighting the first I stopped the car and ran into a field for a better look. What happened next was unbelievable….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 мыслей о “The Craziest UFO Videos Of January 2015 Watch Now! [Best UFO Footage]

  1. CGI much? You guys are starting to become the weekly world news of the UFO
    community . with your audience you have the ability to make a difference!
    What is your mission? Your motivations? Could you, would you answer that
    honestly? The truly passionate are walking away from you, does that not
    stir you at all? Damn

  2. I’m happy to say I would not be surprised many more sightings occur, the
    solar system is on lock down, no communications in our out nor travel,
    those “meteor” sightings are actually people getting blown up trying to
    escape the planet(sick psychopaths that have done terrible things) to
    escape defeat and persecution. A fleet of good E.Ts are on the way in masse
    to remove the stain of corruption that are occupying some places in the
    system (the moon is actually a ship, it MAY get blown up if they don’t
    surrender) and hmm..
    OH the counterweight on the south pole that was causing the planet to
    wobble on a tilt is being removed slowly in order not to cause any..
    Craziness. You can find some big ships around Jupiter and Saturn. I can’t
    confirm about the counterweight since it’s a thing I figure should of been
    a damn priority but that’s just me, weather it’s true or not makes no
    impact since Sooo many good things are happening. 

  3. Can’t wait until aliens visit us. Of course there is life out there because
    we’re the proof literally, I hope aliens come soon so this religion crap
    will dissappear. I’m just praying until the day come ;) hahha I jokes about
    the praying 

  4. The Beast that comes out of the sea in the Book of Revelation may very well
    be describing a huge UFO. Dont be tantilized by the prospect of ufos and
    aliens. They stay elusively intriguing for a reason. They’re fallen angels
    who will lead what’s called the coming great deception where these false
    prophets and messiahs will perform wondrous false signs and miracles,
    calling fire down from the heavens. How else will the antichrist get the
    world to worship him unless he comes down out of the sky. To muslims, he
    will he the Mahadi, to Jews still waiting for the messiah, it will be their
    savior, to new agers he will be the commander of the galactic federation of
    light, Sananda (sounds star trekkie for a reason, to pull in the nerdy
    minded) and to the crazy cults followers of Benjamin Creme, he will be the
    Matreiya. He will he everything to everyone much like the current Pope who
    is the last Pope according to St Malachy’s prophecy and who is also the
    False Prophet who will announce the arrival thanks to the worlds only
    infrared telescope owned by the Vatican, L.U.C.I.F.E.R. The appeal is that
    he will be everything to everyone and will have life changing, life
    prolonging technology that will ultimately be the Mark of the Beast. Jesus
    said to use discernment and pull close to Him since there are a plethora of
    false teachings and doctrines that satan uses to appeal to our carnal,
    humanistic points of view. Jesus of the Bible is the only Truth. 

  5. Had to pause.. Did you guys at Thirdphase realize one of the coverups
    looking to be centered over a massive storm? Hurricane I’m guessing. Or a
    tropical storm.

    I was so eager to send in videos of recent sightings. Within the last two
    weeks, I’ve witnessed at least 20 separate UFOs on separate days. Never in
    my life have I experienced that much activity. Almost all accounts had
    another witness. I have videos of a few, but for some reason I started to
    feel really uneasy about sending a specific one in. It’s amazing footage,
    but I honestly just started to feel like something was telling me “Please
    don’t.” Or “Don’t” period. Idk if it would be paranoia, or some type of
    contact considering I’ve witnessed so many in the span of a month.. When
    the last time I witnessed anything close, was 2004 and it was the TR-3B
    right over head. So I apologize for not getting that to you guys yet. I
    think maybe I’ll ease up and send at least one incredible video in, or at
    least call in and talk about it and my recent experiences as they’ve been
    really odd. I can now sense when I will see them. I even had a bud over
    this past week who has never seen one, and I specifically said “If you’re
    around me, you will. You probably will tonight.” And he saw his first three
    UFOs within 2 hours of that. Not one or two. Three. His FIRST three ever.
    My father, being with me on a few days, witnessed his first two major
    sightings. One amazing experience is on video. And I have stills of the
    others we seen on a separate day, as I switched phones and couldn’t recover
    everything, unfortunately. But, I will say this, 98% of my paranormal,
    supernatural, or extraterrestrial experiences have credible witnesses.
    People who were hardcore skeptics. People who weren’t. Etc. 

  6. I believe Aliens exist. I don’t know if they have ever been here but it is
    very poosible. Will never know for sure unless I manage to see one
    myself……but I don’t buy into all of the “Lights in the Sky” BS. That is
    like the most common account. Dark outside with some crazy lights in the
    sky….I guess some could be alien crafts but I seriously seriously doubt
    that most of them are not. I think I have a pretty good logical reason for
    doubting “lights in the sky”…the way I look at it. If a race is advanced
    enough to get here, capable of interstellar travel, why do they have to fly
    around with their head lights turned on.

  7. Naysayers and frightened debunkers are all the same and they all say the
    same thing.

    If the film is fuzzy, it’s fake. If the film is clear, it’s photo-shopped
    and fake. These individuals who go into instant and abusive denial no
    matter what, are just as worthy of study as the phenomena itself. If an
    alien flying disc landed on the roof of their house, they’d ring up the
    local police and complain that it was an illegally parked car. When the
    mind is closed the eyes are truly useless.

    The truth goes through three phases: First its ridiculed and insulted,
    secondly its violently opposed, third it becomes self evident as being

  8. 2015 the age of HD and still all we get is some grainy small photos. This
    was ok in 2005 not now. Aliens do exist 100% but they are not visiting us.

    Remember the meteorite expoloding above Russia 2 years ago, event only
    lasted few seconds and we still got multiple angles of that event, are you
    trying to tell be that by no NOBODY recorded decent HD footage of UFO?

  9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. someone is up to something.

    we have telescopes that can zoom all the way out into outer space, and yet
    we can’t ever get a good view of a ufo because it will be too obvious that
    they edited it.

  10. So…does part of your “research” involve three months+ creating shitty
    techno music? Be it far from me to argue with these alleged credentials
    though! Oh, and you look like a fucking idiot for showing a kids toy on the
    internet as if it were actual “evidence”.

  11. the best in this video :
    – u r asshole selfish liar person
    -when you see yourself in a mirror you know you are selfish liar asshole ..
    you are not a man
    – you can sell yourself to make money

  12. All you people that instantly just type “FAKE”…..You are all asses. Of
    course these videos are fake. Why can’t you just appreciate them for their
    entertainment value and give credit to the person that edited these. Damn
    you’re annoying people. It’s like you spend your days just sitting on
    youtube trying to find any reason to call someone out on something. Sit
    back and relax and enjoy cool creative videos for once. Chances are, you’re
    more fake than these videos.

  13. Well, some people on this planet have pissed off the Galactic Alliance of
    Species(not light!)

    This is meant as reminder to obay your laws, everybody and help to improve
    them…and stop to be cruel to each other and animals especially!!! Use
    your freakin brains, no matter what you do, earthlings…I’m a alien forced
    into this human body and can too, so duh, you can as well!

    The GAoS is 75 percent evolved animals and the hole milkyway is part of it
    except our world!!!

    So better do as they say, or it soon will be over, they just take samples,
    so if you keep up your dirty way and polluting the planet even more, it
    will be too late…GAoS taking these to have at least a reminder on
    species, for the museum.

    And they guys that mess with you, well earth NATO military has pissed some
    people off that legally were on Mars before we arrived at it!
    So yeah, they now visit here and than and mess with some of you, I hope
    soon your governments, industrialists and people with power, work together
    to make a future, to save the planet and the human race…but soon it will
    be too late!

  14. I would like to see a fake video for once, that is not jiggly, or out of
    focus, or too dark. And with different looking aliens. Be creative, people,
    be creative. How about something with tentacles? And what about a ship that
    doesn’t go into hyper drive? That would be different too. 

  15. lol at the people calling fake. They probably don’t realise that the entire
    scene is CG. The car, the road, the driver, the vegetation, the power
    lines, everything is fake. It’s an amazing piece of work and if you can’t
    appreciate this for what it is then I call fake on your brain.

  16. what are the basis of being fake? and what are the basis of being true? The
    matter of is that when something strange is being uploaded most or probably
    it will be fake, when lousy enough others will say nah…even ants can do
    that, hope someday to make things clear before you say true or hoax or
    whatever, state your proof…. Im just a seeker of whats real.

  17. Ppl aliens are 1000000000 times smater than humans just because human
    haven’t made a invention like that doesn’t mean another species couldn’t.
    There are way mote planets like earth ok

  18. Why do people just shout “FAKE” when it’s not even intended to be real?
    It’s just a guy who is pretty damn good with his VFX so he makes these for
    fun and puts them on YouTube so retards like you lot give him money for
    views and make dumbass comments.

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