UFO – Belladonna

UFO - Belladonna

UFO – Belladonna.
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Must See!!!UFO Levitation Technology!!

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49 мыслей о “UFO – Belladonna

  1. Добро утро и успешна седмица на всички с една силна песен ….

    U.F.O. – Belladonna

    Отрова… ти никога
    не си познавала болката…
    Може би съм луд,
    може би това ще ме побърка…
    Отвореното писмо… просто
    небрежно оставено…
    И ти си тръгваш безшумно…
    чаят е изящно смесен
    с отрова…
    Недостижима, невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?
    Недостижима, невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?
    Ти се появи от страстта…
    и ти й даде име…
    Разочарованията са отровни,
    като безмислието
    на проливния дъжд…
    Усмихваш се сдържано,
    докато поглеждаш
    с такава грация…
    Сега аз трябва
    да заспя завинаги,
    но ще можеш ли
    да забравиш лицето ми?
    Недостижима, невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?
    Недостижима, невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?
    Недостижима,невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?
    Недостижима, невъзможно е
    да бъдеш докосната…
    Как си се научила
    да мразиш толкова?

  2. whoa! where did you get your inspiration in putting pictures for this song?
    most of them pictures are in my dreams… especially the last one with
    fingers pointing or connecting with each other.. anyways, i dig your video
    and play it often

  3. Every elementry school student knows about positive and negitive charge
    resistance within magnets.
    This is a very STUPID video !
    I am sure some people didn’t pass basic science and are amazed by this lame
    LMAO !

  4. This isn’t UFO levitation technology, it’s a phenomenon known as “quantum
    locking” and it cannot be used to fly a craft through space, only lock one
    object relative to another in space.

  5. Sorry, this has nothing to do with anti-gravity, but with electro-magnetism.
    A very nice video as such, but it says nothing new and certainly has
    nothing to do with UFO’s that would generate anti-gravity (levitation
    technology). Just try to let the superconducting disk levitate without
    keeping a magnet under it. If it would, THAT would be anti-gravity!

  6. So, what if aliens figured out how to make their space craft interact with
    the immediate atmosphere around them like this video shows? That would
    explain how UFO’s are able to stop/change directions on a dime.

  7. If you want to try making an ufo, try it this way;
    1. You need two magnetics rings, one larger than the 2nd, but both should
    have the same weight.
    2. These should be isolated from each other, yet put together as tight as
    possible, forming a ring with one on the inside.
    3. You need two electromagnetic units which can spin both of the rings each
    way and probably two capacitors as well to apply centrifugal force, one
    spinning against the clock, the 2nd spinning with the clock. It has to spin
    as fast as physical possible without one another being affected by the
    magnetic force.
    If you tried, did it work?
    Because I didn’t, but I want to try it because I like to experiment :)
    Vote up if it worked for you.

  8. If I could get the sapphire chrystal coated with gold with the dimention of
    a car…. And if I could resist absolute zero…. I could fly above magnets
    – yeah! cool technology :))

  9. Extraordinary, I think science a sea of possibilities and fascinating,
    would love to have devoted myself to science unfortunately I already have
    65 years of age. Congratulations to all

  10. Whether it’s quantum trapping, Eddie effects or Coanda effects…..what
    practical applications can any of these types of things serve outside of
    cute little demonstrations? I’m a little tired of seeing so much “look this
    is amazing” crap when it will likely never provide me a flying car or let
    me sleep on the ceiling…not that I would care to. I just want to see what
    products or technologies actually use these forces…anything? I think the
    whole anti gravity bs is very far away from being legitimately practical
    for real world uses. The gov’t doesn’t have Alien craft, nothing was
    reverse engineered but what we do have is the fact that stories can sell
    ads, they can sell books and they sell suckers but yet are nothing more
    than stories and filing in gaps with evidence presented that is based
    mostly on ignorance.

  11. UFO technology? No, not by a long shot. This would never work for a
    full-scale vehicle unless the planet you’re flying over was made of a giant
    neodymium magnet. And even then, the craft would only hover above the
    surface. It wouldn’t be a UFO, it would he a Jetsons hovercar.

  12. UFOs don’t just levitate, they use some sort of element unknown to us. With
    their advanced technology the element allows them to create some sort of
    anti gravitational bubble around their space crafts which can travel thru
    anything like a hot knife thru butter.

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