UFO ~ Massive WWII Conspiracy all Times ~ Must Watch ! Download it and keep it stored off-net !

UFO ~ Massive WWII Conspiracy  all Times ~ Must Watch ! Download it and keep it stored off-net !

Please watch and listen with much attention and please wait few days until I’ll post the part 2 where you will see some pics been never public.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Step.1) Put on the COMBINE OBJECTS gametype and a BLANK MAP Step.2) Set object being picked up or drove on gametype label MONGOOSE Step.3) Set all objects being added to your …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Одна мысль о “UFO ~ Massive WWII Conspiracy all Times ~ Must Watch ! Download it and keep it stored off-net !

  1. Hi, at 1:55, when they claim the Nazis to have found that UFO, there is an
    ‘official drawing’, it reads the year 1923, but Hitler’s dictatorship began
    1933, what do you think about that? Greetings from Vienna/Austria

  2. like i said befoe this is true the government r going to do a fake alien
    invasion nixon said it a long time ago what do we need to get everybody
    together an attack from e.ts. the goverment is going to use robots as alins
    or demons if the bible is true or the clones who knows but the government
    is shady and known for deceiving the public. peace n love people wake

  3. Nice how they try to say %70 is man made what a load of shit at best %5 man
    made the rest is ETs and ofcourse there is one truth to this the secret
    agenda of a mass UFO attack on earth by them to depopulate the world…but
    you have to ask yourself if a planed mass depopulation is in effect than
    who is behind this its not all man I think some how I think ETs are behind
    this because they fear man and if our numbers are small than once again
    they have control of mankind like they did in the past.

  4. Funny, there is a common heat fan, probably from a computer or stereo
    amplifier, photoshoped in and enhanzed in size on one of the moon pictures
    :) Some photos here may be real, but i can see alot obvious and quite bad
    photoshop work here and there.

  5. Please watch part 2 >> UFO ~ Massive Conspiracy all Times ~ Must Watch!
    Download it and keep it off internet! << on my channel or youtube search
    bar . You will get the whole idea of what means UFO – NWO Conspiracy.

  6. Wasteduckling can u help me get this gametype by sending me a message then,
    starting up a custom game with this gametype then, protmote me then ill
    download this gametype for my self and you dont have to add me. My gamertag
    is EvilDarkHeart90 it would be great if you help me :)

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