UFO Sighting News: UFO At Space Station, Sunday Feb 22, 2015

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25 мыслей о “UFO Sighting News: UFO At Space Station, Sunday Feb 22, 2015

  1. Interdimensional. Either ET or Fallen angel. Could even be ship flown by a
    human. Black ops hiding this technology. See Sirius Disclosure and Dr.
    Steven Greer on YouTube. Limitless free energy technology hidden from human
    slaves (us) by shadow government. Time to take back our Earth and its
    resources. Say no to Central Bankers. They have fed off of us peons enough

  2. No space Station, No Space Shuttle -> NO UFO … NASA HOAXED and released
    this video..They want YOU to BELIEVE we are in SPACE…Look at all the
    HOAXED ISS video’s (air bubbles during space walks). Again , NASA wants you
    believe there’s a Space Station..

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