Interview with TOP Illuminati Member : Can you tell us what position you hold in the Illuminati? I’m part of the 12-man Ruling Council. There are five Americans, five western Europeans,…

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14 мыслей о “WELCOME TO TRUTH: ILLUMINATI FREEMASON UFO .. Full Documentary 2015

  1. The allies was able to take down hitle’s war machine with tiger and panzer
    tank divisions, the mighty luftwaffa, over a million well equiped soldiers,
    etc. And cannot take down a thousand or so insurgents? It’s a farse, all of

  2. I watched “The imitation game” on my hard-drive, a great movie about the
    invention of The Turing machine, which was invented by Allan Turing during
    the second world war.
    This was used to break the Nazi enigma codes which in turn enabled the
    handful of people working with it to shorten the war by 2 years and helped
    to save 14 million lives. 

  3. When Jesus Christ comes back all of you illuminati luciferians satanists
    and un believers will be thrown into the lake of fire on judgment day. Its
    not too late to give your heart to the true God of heaven. Jesus is the way
    the truth and the Light. 

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