★ BALTIC UFO EPIC ★ New Photo with new mystery

https://www.everything3d2.com/ Is the Baltic UFO just part of a larger complex? Was the Baltic Sea a intergalactic Space Station where one SpaceCraft crashed …

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★ BALTIC UFO EPIC ★ New Photo with new mystery: 25 комментариев

  1. dont click on the 3d site thinking its some of the same things as seen on
    the video bc I did and OMG my corneas are forever scarred from pix of
    teenage boys banging each other………..ugh, GROSS.

  2. What have Easter Island, the Bimini pavements and the frigging pyramids got
    to do with it? I have yet to see one really clear sonar scan image of this
    object yet let alone a decent optical photo. They’re milking this for
    everything they can, its probably some kind of nartural geological
    formation, still interesting though.

  3. Those two structures aren’t even close together. I get what your trying to
    portray that they were linked. And I believe that could be true. Just
    because its in the Baltic doesn’t mean that’s where it originated. So
    definitely an interesting view. I was also leaning toward the same idea of
    it being a ancient air craft that crashed there..because to leave the
    landing scrape I would think there wasn’t water there then..if so the water
    would have slowed the landing down a lot and the scar in the earth wouldn’t
    be as long. So how long its been there we will never know. Espcially now
    since the military got their greasy hands on it.

  4. If it’s 140000 years old the silt could have become sandstone. But I can
    think of no geologic process that could have created this structure in the
    first place. The features at 1:31 are definitely not natural in origin.
    The next step would be to do some seismic sampling to see if it is hollow.
    And Sweden should claim the site before the US gets ahold of it.

  5. I saw a picture of this at Graceland. Absolute proof that it was flown by
    Elvis back in his teen years. Once it is finely opened up and inspected
    you will find his blue suede shoes.

  6. All this footage is from Yonagumi off the coast of Japan???? I totally
    thought this was going to be a video about the Baltic sea ufo? I must be

  7. I keep hoping to see something informative and all I find is bullshit!!!
    Yeah I said it — BULLSHIT! This guy has spliced footage made about the rock
    off the coast of Japan trying to say it’s the Baltic Anomaly! *Pffft!*

  8. There´s a Mix on this video of Yonaguni ruins at Okinawa Japan, which are
    some 12 Meters deep, and 12 000 years Old and The Baltic anomaly which
    lies at 80 Meters deep, and acording to serious reserch is a great
    radioactive metalic spaceship made partialy using titanium which had been
    there for some 140,000 years . Both are real anomalies but should not be on
    the same video causing confusion.

  9. A generation goes, and a generation comes,
    but the earth remains forever.

    The sun rises, and the sun goes down,
    and hastens to the place where it rises.

    The wind blows to the south
    and goes around to the north;
    around and around goes the wind,
    and on its circuits the wind returns.

    All streams run to the sea,
    but the sea is not full;
    to the place where the streams flow,
    there they flow again.

    All things are full of weariness;
    a man cannot utter it;
    the eye is not satisfied with seeing,
    nor the ear filled with hearing.

    What has been is what will be,
    and what has been done is what will be done,
    and there is nothing new under the sun.

    Is there a thing of which it is said,
    “See, this is new”?
    It has been already
    in the ages before us.

    There is no remembrance of former things,
    nor will there be any remembrance
    of later things yet to be among those who come after.

  10. What does the Yonaguni uderwater pyramid have to do with the Baltic or its
    anomaly? You would think if this was a working complex or something. That
    the workers would at least leave the buildings to collect or retrive the
    wreck. Even as us not being to advanced, we have enough knowledge to
    recycle the ships parts or salvage the ship itself. I’ll answer my own
    question why the workers didn’t leave the building to collect the ship?
    Because the building is in japan Lol!

  11. I was wondering what the metal structure was and the entire video is a
    remix ,cut and paste job it seems. This is not honest. This is the problem
    with Youtube , a person can make up anything .

  12. At 3:12 this is clearly the structure off the coast of the Japanese islands
    found in the late 1980’s, This has nothing to do with The Baltic Sea
    anomaly and should not be put in the same context. Disinformation by
    up-loader. Get your information right 5FoldSymmetry.

  13. Totally interesting and thought provoking. I kept thinking if it was a UFO
    bring it up but this appears to be a huge building of some ancient type. I
    do not think this was naturally occurring but is man or alien made. Very
    interesting I look forward to hearing more about it.

  14. Maybe I watch too much TV but I wouldn’t put it past the government or even
    some wealthy organization to cover it up if they really did find some sort
    of alien spacecraft down there. All they’d have to do is fabricate some
    video like this to make the majority of the people believe it is some rock
    formation. One thing people must believe is that it is statistically
    impossible for us to be the only living beings in the universe. It is also
    very conceited to believe that this vast universe is for us alone. I
    suppose that is the nature of humans though.

  15. Hahaha of course the history chanel will tell us the truth hahahahha cmon
    idiots, of course its a fuckin ufo, nature cant do this, but i know how
    manipulated the stupid people are, brainwashed and believe everything what
    tv says, free ur mind monkeys

  16. This is definitely NOT the Baltic object. 1-visibility far too good. 2-fish
    are from warmer waters. 3-diver would need dry suit not wet suit. 4-the
    object is in 300ft of water diver has just one tank he would need tri mix
    at that depth 

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  18. Both structure have a connection. read Mu civilisation (Truk or Mu
    civilisation) Than you can find connection. They had longest and highest
    technology, mankind ever had. (BC 70.000 -12.000)

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