(1 of 3) 2008 Turkey UFO Video — New Quality Version — Kumburgaz OVNI

(1 of 3) 2008 Turkey UFO Video - New Quality Version - Kumburgaz OVNI

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVdeM99mkMs Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tysuz2OTO3k Original RAW footage found of the Turkey UFO seen by dozens of residents between …
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(1 of 3) 2008 Turkey UFO Video — New Quality Version — Kumburgaz OVNI: 21 комментарий

  1. Part 2: Turkey UFO RAW Footage Higher Quality Version 2008 Video — Part 2
    of 3
    Part 3: Turkey UFO RAW Footage High Quality Version 2008 Video — Part 3 of 3

  2. Why in the did someone change the font on whoever RE recorded the footage
    on a separate camera? Its just strange to me. Its as if someone is trying
    to discredit the video,like » look the fonts are different most be a
    hoax».. ive been following this case and videos for years now, so i
    recognize any differences made on these 25 original clips. I believer
    there is actually over 2 hours of footage, where that’s at who knows,
    probably USAF has it.

  3. i have extesive experience in this field since i was a child and discovered
    the tv show lost in space,my expert friends agree this is indeed the
    jupiter 2 i can clearly see the robot and hes playing his guitar,i see will
    and doctor smith ,as well as penny and debbie the bloop ,yes!!the robinsons
    have made it back to earth you bubbleheaded boobies!!your right this is no

  4. This is TR3B an American craft there is footage of it taking out a Taliban
    camp in front of us soldiers look it up its on YouTube these are the
    majority of triangle sightings

  5. Obviously these videos are astonishing..at least…but i’m wondering: if
    dozens of people saw that object, for so large amount of time in 2 years,
    WHY in the hell the turkish government didn’t fly an F14 or something like
    that to that position? They had 2 years or so to do that!

  6. Fascinating stuff! No, not the video and the detailed explanation of this
    filmed object refered to as «a real event of high strangeness». No no, what
    fascinates me is the fact that only 43 people has seen this video since I
    first saw it 5 days week ago. Really? only 43 people in 5 days?
    Considering: archivosovni2.blogspot.com and able minds of curiosity.
    So, Youtube are you participating in this cover up too?..
    I´d never thunk it, had’nt I seen this obvious control of viewcounts.
    Obvious control of viewcounts, is obvious!
    -I know for sure some fucker at your place is causing my subscription to
    SecureTeam10’s channel to drop too! -just give it up, eh.

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