1/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH by PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet Generator

Watch parts in sequence in my «UFO TECH «Playlist https://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=17552DE797FBF3C6 plays all parts in sequence just click on one your up to and then when playing to…
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1/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH by PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet Generator: 25 комментариев

  1. This guy is the Biggest Conman in the field of UFO research . This phony
    has fucked hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars ..

  2. Hm, haven’t heard from Russell Anderson in about 3 years. What happened,
    Russell, did old man Searl quit paying you to post all the bullshit? Or did
    you wake up one morning and develop a conscience?

  3. What a complete and utter load of BULLSHIT! So where is the film footage of
    the disc «levitating»? If I had developed such an amazing device I would
    have it being filmed from every possible angle, AND had at least the local
    TV news channel on hand as well! This is «Facepalm Central» if you ask me!
    The gullibility of those who suck this shit up is hard to fathom.

  4. I’ve seen and heard some goofy shit on BoobToob, but this one is the
    goofiest! Professor (don»t make me laugh) John (asshole) Searl. Conman

  5. Searl is a conman… ever since his UFOs he built which nobody we can speak
    to ever saw fly. Im surprised the Feds havent arrested him by now.

  6. let,s figth for the truth for all humakind is it’s time make a movement
    online for all believe what like to change the world forever

  7. No, but you are. You are a Holocaust denieer, and Moon-landing denier. They
    all sound exactly like you. You can’t be botherd with the facts, your mind
    is already made up.

  8. They are not ‘suppressed’; they just don’t work. If you want to see ‘free
    energy’ being taken seriously, get a copy of ‘Perpetuum Mobile’ by Dircks
    (1861 & 1871). Therein you will see various 19th-century scientists being
    fooled by ‘magnetic motors’. But that was before the universal acceptance
    of the conservation laws. The real world has moved on. Get used to it!
    Unless, of course, you really do admire morons and conmen.

  9. @scasired You are very wrong, and you do your best to sound authoritative
    about subjects you know nothing about. THe work of LUNIC ENTERPRISES, and
    the Searl Natiuonal Space Research Consortium are documented by many
    scientific organisations, and the work was covered by the BBC1, and I have
    much of that footage, and many photos of the past teams and the work,
    people who controlled some of the 41 IGVs around the world by 12 Meter band
    HAM have come forward, and I built a 9-foot IGV last summer.

  10. I’ve seen a lot of bigots and weirdos on YouTube, but am really surprised
    to see such a collection of dumb shits criticizing John Searle as if he is
    some snake oil salesman. I think these so called «critics» could be plants
    by the government and elitists who would have him discredited lest they
    can’t attach a meter box to your electricity. I am sure some of you are
    here deliberately to discredit Searle for your greedy reasons and not just
    your opinions. Reader beware of these «critics».

  11. @LiamXaoh Oh yes I am all too familliar with good ol’ beamie. He claims to
    be a man named Russle Anderson and an employee of Mr. Searl. Frankly I have
    not confirmed if even that much of his story is true but then again I never
    felt it really mattered weather or not he is who he claims to be so I never
    actually tried to confirm it. Though it really is quite a moot point as to
    weather or not he his this Russle Anderson or not as every thing else he
    has to say is disproven with great ease.

  12. Professor Searl’s work with the P-11 and SEGs are documented in LIFE
    MAGAZINE in 1968, to which we had a regular subscription in the 1960s, and
    I remember that issue from 42-years ago.

  13. UFO?! Uhmmm… Hold on a second- does it say: UFO ? How can it possibly be
    a «UFO»???! (UNidentified flying object) Even if it does fly, it’s not
    «unidentified»- this film itself is identifying it!!! LOL It not only
    identifies the object but also names its designer/builder… The title
    doesn’t even make any sense whatsoever! How is anyone supposed to take the
    content seriously? AND they’re asking for money?!?! I don’t think so!

  14. @aswoerner — so explain how a machine travelling at 3,500kmh reaches the
    moon in one hour? I assume you know nothing about science and are just
    being argumentative, by they way it is obvious it is you who hasn’t done
    any research.

  15. i have a working model of what he is talking about i used i round magnet
    and a series of 12 round magnet’s on an outer ring made up of the round
    magnet a inch layer of plastic and a layer of aluminum then a layer of
    copper and in between the magnetic divide i added a series of coils to
    harness the energy it made and it is powering 12 100 watt lights and has
    been for 1 year now and it has not lost power yet im not sure why but he is
    right it has to be slowed down or it will try to float

  16. @scasired No Fairy tale. Read about the history and massive media coverage
    of the SEG and IGV flight control frames that I am in charge of.

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