2014 August Breaking News UFO’s Extraterrestrials Aliens NASA Fallen Angels Anti Christ

2014 August Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels Demons Anti Christ New World Order ET Extraterrestrials Aliens NASA Part 2 of 3 2014 July 3 Breaking News UFO’s…

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2014 August Breaking News UFO’s Extraterrestrials Aliens NASA Fallen Angels Anti Christ: 25 комментариев

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  3. Why, right after saying that demons dont have to be cast out by priests in
    exorcisms but can be cast out by believers, do you show an exorcism by a
    priest. The rest of the video was great. That last part ruined it, in my
    opinion. You should have shown how easily a demon flees when we simply use
    the name of Jesus as believers.

  4. are we quoting from a book of man made stories? do we know the bible was
    written hundreds or thousands of years after the death of christ? how do we
    know what Jesus said? how do they remember after hundreds of years? its
    rumored the bible had books written by Shakespeare. as well as the bible
    missing books and being re written a million times since the copy we have.
    this is a weirs creepy world. you can’t believe everything they feed you
    especially establishments.

  5. I can’t wait until all you hypocritical tunnel vision fools see the
    truth.you don’t need to worry though,-you won’t go to a bad place for your
    ignorance.you will simply go to your next stage in life for what ever phase
    that will help you grow in a higher intelligence level,not to be
    tortured dumb shits.think how stupid being tortured for not believing a
    certain way really is. 

  6. Is it not striking how angry people who do not believe in Jesus Christ and
    God are almost violent in their comments to those that do. Its almost like
    they’ve been brain washed and it is an automated response that the word
    Jesus triggers. Its never this way with buddah or at the seihk gods its
    only at Jesus Christ food for thought. I mean its not like the satanic
    demon worshippers who control everything you watch and read would mess with
    your head….right?

  7. According to the narrator, Disclosure does three main things (2:18)
    1) Causes world to reject God.
    2) Hence, we would believe ourselves to be God
    3) Hence, genocide in the name of Evolution would take place.

    All three are at best wonky logic; at worst, fear mongering.

    1) Existence of ET would have no effect on the notion of God. The Bible
    maybe, but not God.
    2) Slippery Slope based on #1. Just because we’d meet a superior race does
    not mean people would abandon their faith in the Divine.
    3) Even if we find out that we were partially genetically engineered by ETs
    in the past, what difference would it make, really? all it means is ET are
    our cousins. No big deal.

    The problem is, all of these objections are premised on the fear that the
    Bible would be discarded in the face of a much more complex reality. The
    truth is, the Universe does not revolve around the Bible. The Bible — like
    all of the world’s sacred texts — was intended to be, (in my opinion),
    simply a spiritual road map for humanity – not an end in itself.

  8. I am pagan I have had cases where pagans have called to divine mother and
    it stopped so I can’t see the evidence shows that thy fear just god but any
    divine spirit
    Besides a investigator I am also a druid register high priest 

  9. We were created in the image of God.. Were! Past tense.. We choose
    knowledge over life now.. Says first book of bible .. Something, «lack of
    better words» took us over! That’s why we kill eachother.. Garden of Edan?
    Where is that? NOT HERE ON EARTH.. NOAHS ARC TOOK US HERE to earth after
    God became angry.. I’m sure I’m wrong, because I ,also ,only use 12% of my
    earthly brain.. Keep searching.. A new born baby seeks food, but can’t find
    the fridge.. But keep searching… Lol

  10. Back in the early days angels appeared & spoke directly to humans, and God
    spoke directly to certain people like Noah & Moses. But all that stopped
    after Jesus. After Jesus died it was all about putting faith in him & what
    is taught in the bible. But when the great day of Jehovah God comes he will
    start talking to us again. We will see the demons & angels again. It’s
    already starting, the demons are starting to show themselves again. Satan
    isn’t hiding anymore. The government is coming right out & revealing their
    plans to destroy religion & bring in the New World Order. This is just the
    beginning of the great tribulation.

    2 Samuel 22:14
    Then Jehovah began to thunder from heaven; The Most High made his voice

    You can compare translations here:

  11. Everyone has there own ideas about this, but I don’t know how its not
    understood by now… What we should realize is, a good part of «all of the
    theories» are true, some of these creatures are part of the «devil’s plan»
    living here in the underworld, some are here from other planets & galaxies
    — traveling inter-dimensional or through a wormholes or portals. (Even nasa
    now admit they exist). (Some are just ‘made-up’ but aren’t we all created?
    Some of these super intelligent creatures are flesh just like us with or
    w/out a soul.. Some can project the image they wish us to see. Some are of
    a higher dimensions. Some are good some are bad. Here for various reason &
    they have different agendas. Mostly for biological resources & some are
    here for the earth itself… Seems the #1 going idea is they wish to have
    someone that appears like us (but be 1/2 them & 100% committed to them)
    there sick» little hybrid program’.. regardless of all the reasons i don’t
    see how this takes any away from the idea that there is in fact a God &
    great grand creator of all that there is.. & hey if shit go’s south for us
    we should at least take convert in the fact that only a body can die «your
    spirit carries on» so lets be fearless… To the evil & wicked i say fuck

  12. so are all «aliens» supposed to be bad? i believe in god and i do think
    their is other life i can’t say whether i think they are bad or good. i
    think just like us there is probably both

  13. These are the Nephilim/ Annunaki spoken of in Genesis as giants. I believe
    he is right saying they are demonic. Fallen angels. They have not evolved!
    Evolution is not true. They are producing a hybrid race because mankind is
    coming to an end. Mankind is killing each other and I believe this new race
    will be living on earth after the thousand year reign of Christ. 

  14. I once had an experience with them, it happened about 3 yrs ago. I woke up
    in the middle of the night to find my bedroom «darker» than usual, I
    looked at my tv as i felt something was there that didn’t have my best
    interest at heart and I got scared as I couldn’t see it and yet it was
    standing in the front of my tv, I knew this because my «stand by» button
    glows bright red and yet something was blocking it and my digital clock was
    blocked. As I lay there I couldn’t move or even scream. Then out of nowhere
    I had the idea that if they contact through telepathy I could use it to and
    I said the Lords Prayer in my head, as I did the «thing» or «things»
    immediately left so if anyone has this awful and frightening experience and
    can’t call out just use their telepathy to help you by sending them «your»
    thoughts and remember that no matter what the Lord is stronger than these
    and is always willing to help people who call on Him.Remeber these demons
    can paralyse your body but not your heart or mind and if the Lord is in
    your heart you have the best protection there is. Before anyone leaves a
    comment about «sleep paralysis» yes I do know about it and it doesn’t
    explain my feelings or the fact that my tv and digital clock lights were

  15. Have any of you read the bible .READ the books of Daniel,jermiah and
    revelation. in fact the entire bible is loaded with prophecies about fallen
    angels coming to earth. REMEMBER satans tools he uses deceptions.also
    jamesa remember the bible was penned by men who wre inspired by the
    HEAVENLY FATHER SPIRIT.One more thing FATHER YAHWEH still rules these
    planet so all things must come to pass then he will come with all his glory
    and might. my FATHER YAHWEH bless you all by YAHWEH MESSIAH YAHWEH.Remember
    don’t give in deception.he knows everything just ask him

  16. «The aliens are not necessarily flesh and blood. They can be
    highly-evolved spiritually».

    I have read somewhere that alien races evolve over a span of hundreds of
    millions of years to achieve critical thinking and technology, and also
    spiritual advancement. Their physical bodies are just requirements for them
    to carry out their tasks on Earth or other planets. And on the other hand,
    the current human generation evolved very fast, over only a million or so
    years, due to intervention from a certain alien race. And during that
    intervention, the human pineal gland was blocked, so as to limit the
    human’s spiritual abilities, for the benefit of the alien race of course.
    That is why almost all people focus solely on materialistic growths and
    worldly desires and don’t care about the spiritual side, or even believe
    there is one. And for that reason, as humans get more and more advanced
    technologically, they get «meaner», more selfish, more susceptible to
    emotions, and more «evil». And of course, more susceptible to external

  17. Why would aliens necessarily mean there isn’t a God? What makes the guy
    talking about UFO & the Bible make the leap to conclude that an alien
    «evolved» without God? Typical myopic thinking from «religious» people with
    spiritually impoverished beliefs. Remember what Jesus said most often to
    those he came to? «Fear not…»

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