2014 August Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels New World Order — last days end times news Part 3

2014 August Breaking News UFO.s Fallen Angels New World Order — last days end times news update part 3 July 2014 Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels New World …
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2014 August Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels New World Order — last days end times news Part 3: 17 комментариев

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  2. Why be afraid of the unknown
    eg to die, UFO’s, god, etc.

    Instead, we should try to understand and be aware that this is not just
    pure science fiction but it is a reality that the unknown device is
    something that science could never explain to anyone other than God, UFO’s,
    or death itself.

  3. I believe you. I had a vivid dream about a month ago and I seen
    unforgettable beings, not humans. There were no windows or doors where I
    was and more than one horrible beings there. It was BAD. I mention the ,
    «Divine Mother Help Me.» I woke up screaming. I believe you. 

  4. i was listening to coast to coast radio one night, and it was a show about
    ufo’s, and the guest was very pro-ufo contact, etc. someone called in and
    asked if the aliens are so good, then how come they disappear when one
    mentions the name of Jesus?
    i kind of always remembered that and wondered about that comment, while i
    tried to figure out what the alien phenomenon was all about.
    later, even though i am a christian, i attended a ufo conference with some
    friends, because i thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t funny. i
    became so spooked, i couldn’t get home fast enough, and i swore i would
    never do that again.
    shortly after that ufo conference, one night i was sleeping, but i became
    aware of three dark entities at my bedside who were communicating
    telepathically with me and asking me to join their cause to purge the world
    through vibration/music/subliminal messages, etc., as if they were on some
    kind of mission.
    i was all alone, as i was not married at that time, and i remember feeling
    such fear and the inability to move as if i were paralyzed.
    i called on my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. i do not recall if i spoke
    His Name aloud or just from within, but the moment i called on Jesus, these
    entities disappeared, and i was once again able to move, and i was no
    longer afraid, but i was filled with heavenly peace. thank you, Jesus!
    that is how i finally learned, after a lifelong curiosity, that these et’s
    or aliens are really demons from the depths of hell who are roaming the
    world seeking the ruin of souls.
    i pray more people will realize that Jesus is Lord and will call on His
    name when in trouble. i pray more people will realize the truth that this
    ufo phenomenon is a modern deception cloaked in pseudo-science and that all
    this extraterrestrial propaganda that is increasingly flooding our culture
    is just pure evil. i pray that more people will seek refuge and protection
    from our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever. All
    you have to do is call on Him.
    thank you for spreading this important message and for allowing me to tell
    this story which i had previously shared only with my husband.

  5. Let’s deal with facts, if aliens are coming here, regardless from where,
    they are not openly announcing themselves, therefore there has to be a
    reason for that. That reason is they are up to no good. And our government
    and military will get in bed with them, they will happily sell their own
    people out for personal gain.

    If you think that’s a load of crap, just look at society, every one of you
    are only interested in you and what you can get, regardless of the
    suffering and misery around you.

    Congestion on our roads is a prime example of this selfish behaviour, you
    understand the car causes congestion, yet you get a car and increase the
    congestion, for your only concern is you, and you want a car, and that’s
    it, you have no interest in the problem it creates, because you only
    operating on the principle of one, you! and what you want, regardless of
    the problems it may cause, you’re not going to give it up, because you want
    it , and you’re going to have it.

    Your government operate on the same principle, the aliens are coming here
    not to enlighten us, otherwise they would have come openly, they have come
    secretly, Because of their own agenda, and they know our government is as
    selfish as them and will happily give up their people for their own wants.

    And if you want proof of this, your government had sold you out time and
    time again for their own personal gain, open your eyes and look around your
    country, and the mess it is in, they are not able to solve one single
    problem, because the only interest they have is themselves, not the
    well-being of their country or its people.

    You have endless poverty, endless crime, children being born on benefits,
    which create more problems, you have endless congestion, endless
    destruction of your environment from pollution, and building homes for the
    endless number of people, and your politicians, not a single one of them
    have been able to solve any of these problems, think about it. If you’re
    not too selfish of course?

    The job of any government, is to govern its country efficiently, to
    eradicate problems that could burden the people it serves, it’s to make
    sure that the people do not overpopulated and destroy their country, to
    create a healthy and safe environment to live in, and to stop problems
    before they start. You name one government that has fulfilled their
    contract with its people, I’ll tell you, not One!

    Otherwise, you would have a country, whose policies is not based on
    infinity growth, that isn’t overpopulated, isn’t destroying it
    environment, isn’t allowing children to be born on benefits, there’d be no
    poverty, there’d be no congestion, it wouldn’t be in debt, and it wouldn’t
    have endless crime, You would have a healthy and safe environment. name me
    one country that got that.

    There is no God or devil, the only evil on this planet is the human race,
    I class myself as an intelligent human being, for the simple reason, I
    have the two abilities to class myself as intelligent. The first, is the
    ability to understand. The second, is the ability to act upon what I
    understand, PROOF!, I understand the car has no future as personal daily
    transport, until you reduce the number of people down to the level where
    this vehicle can be used without causing a problem, I understood that in
    1978 as a young man, that’s why I don’t drive a car, I ride a motorbike /
    pushbike or I walk, the first two don’t cause congestion and the motorbike
    as a very small footprint on the environment.

    That proves I have the ability to take information in, and upon that
    information make a decision that has a positive outcome, can you say that?

    This intelligence allows me to understand, that I live on sections of land,
    which is situated on a planet, This intelligent I have, indicates to me
    that this place that I live in, is a fixed space, a limited space, a
    restricted space, it is not going to get any bigger, in fact the land mass
    are going to get smaller, because the ice caps ARE! melting.

    My intelligence is able to analyse this information, and it tells me you
    can not have a system of endless growth, you are going to come unstuck,
    every political party in the world, including 98%of you so-called
    intelligent people?, all embrace this suicide policy that is based on
    endless growth. How can you class yourself as intelligence, when you
    embrace something that’s going to bring about your own extinction, the
    planet and the billions of species we share it with.

    What laughable about you lot is that you claim that you are intelligent and
    that the planet is safe in your hands, how can anything be safe when you
    live in a confined space and you have something endlessly multiplying
    within it?

    Your stupidity and selfishness beggars belief, for you would rather destroy
    everything including ourselves than bring in constructive laws to govern
    your numbers to bring them down to an acceptable level ,to give yourself a
    guaranteed future, and a healthy environment to live in.

    You talk about this crap of God and the Devil, and how this god is going
    to come and save you, the only thing that is going to save you, is» you!,
    by becoming what you claim to be intelligent, and start taking in
    information and upon that information making an intelligent decision, that
    doesn’t create problems.

  6. millions of ppl arent being abducted if that was the case there would be
    more than one man in the whole world that removes inplants, there was only
    ever a hand full of people at abduction meetings at bud hopkins place that
    come from all parts of usa,and some abroad,even in my own meeting one time
    there was like 10people and there was only me and another person, at the
    meeting.there’s only about 10 major cases of this going back as far as the
    50s,,the roper poll was wrong it asked questions like have you ever seen a
    ghost,well most ppl may have but that doesn’t mean they are abducted,they
    also got a higher amount and just decided to lower it,you cant just say
    well that’s too high so ill just lower it to fit their ideal and by the way
    ppl laugh and think youre crazy when you say whats happened to
    you,undeniably proves its not happening to as many as they say because
    people would accept it at face value if these numbers were correct,it would
    not be so «alien» to everyone,sure seeing ufos may be a million sightings
    all over the world ,but abductions,no.sure millions believe we are not
    alone, ppl also wouldn’t feel stupid about coming forward either if they
    knew for sure that millions had this happen,,,there would be professionals
    that specialise in hypnotherapy again very rare,and where there’s a way to
    make money,ppl will exploit that,you’d think by the amount of ppl they
    claim there would be at least one hypnotherapist per capita if not more in
    this field but again there are very few and far between.if there’s the
    amount ppl claim then every person would know of someone ie a friend of a
    friend that has had this happen but again that isnt the case either, its
    been stated as many as 1 in 4 people,even if 1in 10 people thats every 3rd
    house on average,,,which again is not true,where are all these ppl cos id
    sure love to speak with them,outside of my family i have never known an
    abductee or heard from someone that says they know of anyone.and the ppl in
    australia that have had this happen is only 3 people.(2 came from books,1
    on social media again not knowing anyone personally.)

  7. I get a lot of weird messages when I consider my abduction. My thoughts
    turn to such concepts as «Maybe I am a weapon used for tracking and tagging
    and sorting spirits, as a first person short range sensor» «Maybe I have
    some authority in commanding and creating the laws regulating the
    interactions we tactically partake in, in this reality.» «Maybe I am a
    government victim advocating for the unreal aliens/demons and this is some
    strange plot to cause me to seem insane and take me out of the picture of
    being able to infleunce people, be believed, trusted, or given freedom.»
    night paralysis…. They take so many of us and we dont even remember.

  8. The implications of my having been abducted, have caused me to rethink
    absolutely everything about this world. My entire life and universe has
    been shaken, as has the thoughts of those around me. There is something
    out there and I don’t know what it is. But there is something so great
    that it cannot be contained in the brain… easily. I suppose they use
    some type of ferromone which seems to block perception and memory
    formation. It was because of my constant fear of these beings that I
    chose to become religious and request the help of light beings.

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