3 Large Spheres UFO captured Over Sydney.2. 5. 2012. Flying triangle formations.

This Spheres UFO Flying perfect Triangle formations over Sydney.Camera was using:SonyDSR-DVD 653E Digital camera» IR 850.Infra red filter .
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Ufo official video from NASA, and Moon in Color (video from American amateur astronomer entusiast Bill Bryson , Richmond city, Texas, USA) Part 3, part 1 her…

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3 Large Spheres UFO captured Over Sydney.2. 5. 2012. Flying triangle formations.: 50 комментариев

  1. I was responding to anothers specific mention of the bird flash. I can see
    the three lights. Strange. My only hope is that time travel is not possible.

  2. Yes! You are right. On the right side on 0:32, was a Bird, close to my
    camera. I never bother, this flash.But the another 3 vasn’t bird, as you
    can see when I enlarged, and make frame-by frame the spheres UFO.

  3. good job small one.I saw the one that shut down the Bejing airport back in
    83 its huge must be the mothership its 4 decks thick with 4 box nacelles on
    the rear see vedeo.At the same time they were seeing 16 delta wings in NY
    Hudson valley.I saw the big one in Lake Silverwood Ca floated right over
    our heads got a good look at it.Next thing I know I’m working on the B-1_B
    Bomber then 15 years at Boeing.Its not ours.Make just about scratch a hole
    in your head.

  4. great video ! try and video with auto zoom off. and use a better camera if
    you have one. sometimes you don’t have the time, but keep it with you at
    all times. i missed three opportunities and now i carry one at all times
    fully charged.

  5. You said flash on the right cloud? This flash is the 0:32 the bird was
    flying down. Close to my camera. But ther 3 object was UFO Flying triangle
    formations, and you can see on the plane was flying underneth the 3 UFO.
    from right to left. Thank you to watch y video and make comment to my video.

  6. Thank you! I can tell after your comment you are great Researcher too. I
    have feeling to after this little black chopper making this large sound?
    Whenn this chopper was near this 3 Spheres just wanished., and the chopper

  7. Hi bud..I am not sure what you got here..I have seen a few types of sphere
    UFOs..some up close some up very close. I would not hesitate to say..they
    are likely the greys. I cannot say for certain..without being
    there..but..you do have what I know as real from close encounters. Keep up
    the truth! The more eyes that are opened..the more hard it will be to hide
    reality of ET and UFO being here..not to mention ..agendas. 😉 Peace my
    friend thanks for the great video!!

  8. Hi vlad9vt, I want to share a video about Skinny Bob you have seen this. I
    felt that it is the real image of the Aliens who work along with US
    underground bases and Hitler. I have reached the end of the tunnel. These
    are the real Aliens. The others are humans perhaps from secret societies
    Vril, etc. The blond and Nordic are myth or even if they do exist, they are
    the product genetic manipulation created by Skinny Bob. this is the video .

  9. 3:50 NASA said it was just a bug or something on the telescope and it was
    just fake, I believe them but for the other shit I don’t believe them. NASA
    if your hiding something tell us now before I go crazy about this kind of

  10. indeed aliens never left this planet..fact is that we know our history from
    the last ice age, and that we dont even know our own backyard so the answer
    that we are all waiting for will come very very soon… !

  11. I constantly hear UFOologist say if an invasion happens, this means the
    nations can finally get together and fight it. Did not the Most High God of
    Israel say they will try to fight the son of man when he comes? What sane
    human being actually believes they can challenge the chariots of God? God
    can send on chariot of his, and it will annhilate the whole earth in a
    heart beat. How can they challenge beings that trave light years ( to
    heaven) and back?

  12. Here is the scenario…. You are the Captain of a spaceship.. and you come
    upon a civilization that is far less advanced than yours… who are
    basically throwing sticks and fire arrows at each other by your
    standards… You stand before your crew and ask «Ok who volunteers to go to
    the surface?» would you get anyone to actually dare to do that job?

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