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  1. It’s unfortunate that when such undeniable footage comes to light ever so
    often, so many refuse to suspend disbelief. You so dearly yearn for the
    truth to come out, and in the same breath question the way in which it’s
    provided. This is what the government wants, and it’s always better when
    they have to do little work on their own to bring great evidence like this
    into question. Solves their problem for them. I ask all of you to see the
    truth when it’s in front of you, and let your skepticism be the exception.
    not the rule. Stay safe. 

  2. it’s lens flare.sorry, but that’s all this footage is. get your hopes up
    all you like but this is not sufficient evidence of anything. i would love
    if this was proper footage, but it’s not. it’s a lens flare

  3. My question now is: why would they ever put up a live feed channel from the
    ISS if this kind of occurrences are so apparently well known (and dealt
    with on almost everyday basis) to them…letting us see and then goofily
    trying to cover it up seems nonsense to me…isn’t it?

  4. if you look at NASA’S tether incident . then you would see how the EXACT
    SAME flying disc’s are seen moving around the tether when it snapped and
    drifted about I think 80 miles away . donut shaped with a hole in the
    center. that shit looks exactly like a U F O .

  5. and just for the record, i still strongly believe that we are not alone in
    this universe, though God never mentioned that in any of the holy books,
    because simply if the prophets started to inform people such facts about
    astronomy, they definitely will never buy the whole process of prophecy, at
    a time when people don’t know how to keep time properly. 

  6. those appear to be rocket boosters caught in the earth’s orbit and filmed
    on its end.
    The near space environment is filled with floating debris from multiple
    rocket launches from the last 3 decades.
    We are alone.

  7. Something isn’t quite right here… If you look at the UFO it appears to be
    rotating, as you can see there is a light cast off of the machine (not sure
    what that light is from? Sun, Earths reflection of light or the ISS)
    Anyway, when the object rotates the light source rotates with it? How is
    that possible? Maybe whoever «enhanced» this video forgot about the basic
    laws of light and shadows!

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