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  2. If you look to the very right of the saucer, you can see a clear path
    cutting through the soil where the object looks to have skid through and
    then came to a stop.

  3. Look at it this way: If it was anything remotely out of the ordinairy or of
    the type of claim made here it would have been the next thing the rover
    would visit. It clearly didn’t and Nasa decided to drive on, so it’s safe
    to say it are just rocks.

  4. Whatever this is, it’s very symmetrical and round. That in itself is highly
    unusual. It could be a crater, but what makes me think otherwise is that
    lip rising up on the left side of the circle. If that wasn’t there, I would
    be sure it’s a crater, but since that lip IS THERE, I’m inclined to think
    this is man or creature made.

  5. I don’t know much about geology but have seen harder rocks and the erosion
    of the soil under those said harder surface. To me this is the case as the
    more resistant stone above becomes more predominant causing it to look this
    way. On the left side above this are you say is a saucer are the same stone
    that the same in every way as that you pointed out even has a shadow as
    well. You see a saucer I see rock formations any one with a bit of
    imagination could see what you see but that’s all it is. Just look at the
    world around us in nature and you will see the same type of formations.

  6. looks like part of the landscape to me, circular shapes are one of the most
    common, even perfect squares are common in rock formations. And if NASA
    wanted to photoshop it, you would not see any trace of an anomaly at all.
    Thanks for sharing though. 

  7. Maybe it’s just me but I see words that seem to be blurred out on the
    middle to upper right hand side of the frame—- couple of words look like:
    «I live & Murphy or Murray»

  8. Ooh wow…yes, so I think your channel is an honest one from the very
    beginning, but I have checked, and it looks exactly the same as the symbol
    of the Nazi Party, exept is the Swatstika now an Alien. Gosh — I apologize
    for mentioning, but I just wanted to warn you before any damage would have
    been done! The truth is what counts, and I believe your word on it that you
    stand for truth, as I — like I said — have that impression of your channel
    from day one, so that’s for me confirmation that you are in truth!! Keep up
    the good work, and now I will reconsidder to also order a t-shirt!!

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