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  1. This a street lamp. I’ve seen a pic of one during the day, they line some
    freeways (in Ariz I think) and are very tall. Maybe the gov are fucking
    with our heads by deliberately trying to make stuff look like ufos lol

  2. Exactly how The New World Order will explain the mass disappearance of
    millions of people worldwide when it happens. «It was
    ufo’s,everybody.Yes,we’ve been lying about all that Roswell stuff for 70
    years». When in reality, do you think that they’ll actually tell the truth?
    That the Lord Jesus Christ has taken His people home in the Rapture and
    that this inaugurates the Great Tribulation? No, of course they wont.

  3. I live in point comfort texas. About 2 hours away from Houston. A few weeks
    ago I had a bizarre dream.. I was standing in my backyard looking up to the
    sky and seeing a similar ufo. Im my dream it was more visible and it had a
    yellow ish glow. About a year ago I had another dream I was with my cousins
    in Houston walking around downtown and there was a ufo hovering in the sky
    clearly visible with red and blue lights. When I found out about this today
    it gave me chills. This is so damn weird but yet exciting? 

  4. When in the Navy, underway in the Atlantic, we saw several unexplained
    objects that for sure were not of terrestrial origin. When we asked how to
    report them, we were told not to.

  5. «It’s ball lightning, common when thunderstorms occur»…………..That
    will most likely be the response we get from NASA and skeptics. Sightings
    have been getting more frequent lately across the globe, governments are
    releasing files and military officers are starting to
    talk……………..are we finally going to be told the truth?

  6. People who do not believe in the truth are stupid and blind. For it is said
    that those who do not accept the truth are the ones who fear it. As
    children and young adults, we must always keep an open mind and think about
    the possibilities. Tyler, thank you for providing the public with this
    piece of information, continue to do so please. Oh and if I was you I would
    try to look up something on Agartha or Shambala.

  7. I want to support you guys by buying a couple t-shirts, because I know you
    guys work hard and do good work. If anyone has bought stuff like this
    before let me know if it is safe, because I got my info stolen once before
    on a different channel that was related to cars.

  8. I live in Houston, and have video footage from my galaxy S5 of the «wicked»
    lighting storm from the same night that was mentioned. The witness is
    correct. The only lighting storm I have ever seen that looked as grand as
    this one was when I visited Montana over the plains. I’ve lived in Houston
    my entire life and never have I seen one like that here. A little shaky,
    but very detailed. I would be happy to share if you are interested. 

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