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  1. This is not an «RC balloon» to the likes that we’ve ever seen, nor has this
    object ever gone back to the surface, made any noise or acted in a manner
    in which LED lights would with today’s current technology. It shapeshifts
    and de-materializes at will, and we’ve corresponded with 3 other
    individuals who have also seen the object and are looking to put up a
    follow up video soon. We will post a daytime image of the exact location of
    the object in the video description above for reference. Stay safe!

  2. The object looks to be a few miles above a very heavily wooded area with no
    residential areas surrounding for at least 5-10 miles. (According to
    sources familiar with the Chillicothe area) EDIT: Daytime image of area
    video was shot from posted in the video description.




  4. If this Object is following the same person, then it let him record it,
    then it is obviously close and connected to that particular person…and
    was most likely trying to Awaken him and let him see it, at a slow and
    gradual rate, so he’d get used to seeing it, until the object then «Let
    Him» record it to see and feel a bit more comfortable…
    I am a Telepathic Contactee since childhood and have 100s of similar
    sightings and interactions throughout my life and would like to contact
    this particular person if possible…because i truly do Not believe he has
    anything to worry about, other than to relax and try to connect with it
    with Benevolent and welcoming Intentions, to see if he too will receive the
    same or an even better interaction, once he sends his benevolent intentions
    towards the Beautiful Object, and then awaits with an open Loving Heart, to
    see what happens from there…for i believe when you send benevolence you
    receive benevolence, and that he too will receive a very same
    interaction…and he might then be Activated as i was in 2005…

  5. Interresting, if this object has appeared for months can someone please
    hook this guy up with someone who has proffesional equipment and get some
    really interresting pics and vids!?

  6. The same thing happened to me over 14 years ago. I even lost the friendship
    of my best buddy when a craft floated over our heads as we were unloading a
    truck load of wood from my pick-up truck. The UFO was only noticeable by
    the outer ring that you could see the clouds through the ring. Like it had
    a cloaking device in the movie Star Trek when the Klingons turned
    invisible. My buddy yelled-out loudly a scream I would never forget, as he
    jumped from the back of my truck to escape from my property. My buddy Gary
    screamed at me » You scare the crap out of me ! » I’m never coming to
    visit you again Steve ! That was the last time my buddy Gary visited me.

  7. And this is my question. Why is he waiting to get to meet them? They are
    waiting patiently for him and he just run into his house like a little kid
    scare, Dude how do you prefer to die? normally with time, accident or
    fighting with so thief. Go to them and if you die at least you will see the
    most advance technology and civilization ever and for that it is worth
    dying. things like these never happen to me and trust me What I’ve seen
    would blow your mind up. I’ve seen so many UFOs all kind over the past 2
    years since I moved to Atlanta GA. None of them get close to me. I even
    have a powerful lantern so i can send them any msg to get to meet them. I
    even saw an UFO flying so fast that he disappeared through the stars in
    less than 1 seg i would say it was the light speed. This dude is wasting
    what any of us would die for. Have a great day.

  8. If you have positive thoughts only positive craft will appear. In other
    words that is probably positive but I have to inject a little spiritual
    into this, and it is true, Jesus said have no fear, so if you follow that
    and in your head say you only want positive craft around you then that is
    what you will get.

  9. Remember Flight of he Navigator? That ship could shapeshift. Also, is there
    any government installation near this area? Distances can be deceiving at
    night, but man what a weird video. Definitely something is going on, or
    about to happen.

  10. ok. lets look at it like this. how many of you here think that if a ufo
    were following you for 2 months, thats all the footage you would have to
    show for it? if you were being followed for two days never mind 2 months
    would you have more than just a dodgy focus in focus out crappy lighting
    couple of minutes?. if you knew the thing was going to be there above your
    house would you not get the biggest light source and the biggest telescope
    or the best camera ? just to make sure youre not seeing things?.would you
    not get more people there with you to film the same thing at the same time
    from different viewpoints?.anyway the «UFO» looks like a foil balloon on a
    tether, which shows up in the video a couple of times. and as for
    secureteam 10 this is the second dodgy video ive seen of yours. and it will
    be the last. im sick of you shysters putting up videos with sensational
    titles and the video is crap quality or crap quality and a total sham.or
    totally not related to the title. or stolen from somewhere else and
    re-jigged to look like even more shite. do us a favour pal and just leave
    it out. youre amusing no-one but yourself.

  11. I saw something similar here in the U.K approxitmately 2 weeks ago it
    passed another unusual object with a slight pause on passing each other
    both had non standard light system you would see on a standard aircraft.
    Both were silent. The one here was similar in shape that I saw however this
    was pure white in the sky, the other one was shaped like as I can only
    describe a oval shape however it was dark and their could’ve been more to
    the shape but I could’nt see it. But the one described here looked like a
    vertical light bulb. I did try and take a picture but my phone lost power
    even though their was still a large amount of power in my phone…. 

  12. Also, maybe they want to have contact with the man or whatever, if anyone
    believes in reincarnation then this could probably be the case, maybe
    whoever it is in that ufo was his brother, sister, or whatever in a past
    life he had. Haha who knows, their weird but they are our friends and
    family you know, and I’m not speaking for those malevolent beings like the
    frog ass reptilians, or beta draco’s, or ugly ass zeta reticulans
    aka grays. All of them can shove a little pyramid up their ass for all
    care, since they want to be on the top of the pyramid so damn badly, they
    can just shove a little mini sized pyramid up their ass and they’ll be on
    top in no time.

  13. This is for anyone who wants to tackle it. I subscribe, so obviously I’m
    interested and I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything. I’m just interested
    in a real discussion about this, and other sightings. I’ve read other
    comments that say the same thing in so many words and not just here but
    other channels as well. Yes, I agree with the host that it can’t be
    determined as to what an advanced space exploring civilization might be
    doing hanging out in this area or any area. However, as humans, though not
    as advanced as an alleged alien race with space exploring capabilities,
    we’re not exactly dumb either. I realize with that last sentence I’ve left
    myself wide open for a billion comments as to how dumb humans are, and
    that’s fine. But you’d be missing my point. There’s a reason we do things,
    even if it’s the wrong reason, a misinformed reason, and many times,
    looking for a reason. If this Chinese lantern-looking, shape shifting,
    craft-alien-thing is an authentic UFO, then it has to have a reason to hang
    out in that area. Burial Ground? Why? Old friends? Conspiracies aside, and
    let’s be honest, if you watch this stuff you watch the conspiracy stuff
    too, (I do!) why wouldn’t they just make contact if they’re going to be so
    obviously visible? Are these beings that have mastered the Cosmos but not
    common courtesy? How hard is it to say “Hello we’re from planet *____*, and
    we’re just going to do some shape shifting and make sure our cool lights
    are working. We would share this technology with you, but (insert whatever
    sounds like a good reason here that they don’t).” The truth is that being
    advanced suggests that aliens would make contact, not the other way around,
    even if it’s just to say, “We’re better than you are.” Communication is a
    sign of superior intelligence. The idea that just appearing is their way of
    communicating just doesn’t cut it for me.Or, maybe aliens are just socially
    backward. Still, great channel. Great post!

  14. From what I can remember, sometimes UFO’s will appear before some disaster
    takes place. Not intending to be alarmist in any way at all. Just wondering
    if the Ohio region is ( or has been subject ) to earthquakes, or storms ?
    Update: I just looked online about earthquake activity in Ohio.
    1:The last big earthquake (source usgs.gove) that took place in the region
    which measured 5.4 Mag.
    But that was in 1937.
    2: Ohio Tornado (source Ohiohistory.org) which claimed 85 lives, 72 of
    these were in Lorain, which took place in 1924.

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