A ‘Serious’, «Short Doc», on UFO’s, Aliens, Disclosure, & Free Energy. MUST WATCH! 2014

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A ‘Serious’, «Short Doc», on UFO’s, Aliens, Disclosure, & Free Energy. MUST WATCH! 2014: 23 комментария

  1. Wow, Steve tells people new age meditation stuff, and then they contact
    demonic forces. Wake up people, they are not alien space brothers, they are
    demons playing you like a puppet on a string. Nothing new about new age, it
    goes all the way back past Sumerian teachings to Atlantian teachings.

  2. After seen this movie/documentary I am convinced. I always was a believer,
    but now it’s even more. Live as ONE, See as ONE, Be ONE. We have to become
    free of the chains, made by the social economical slavery. We have to stand
    up and fight against the ones who chained this world.

  3. Sorry, big fan of UFO stuff but I can’t stand Greer. Please everyone, look
    at my arms…I Dr, Greer and bench 425, says every speech he gives.
    This guy is the term in the dictionary about embellishing.
    Look at UFO watchdog hall of shame section and look for letter from CIA
    director. Read it and tell me if Greer has a habit of exaggerating things
    he his done, people he has seen…don’t drink the KOO-LAID

  4. i have a lot of time for mr greer but i think he’s self administering stuff
    that he can obtain being an MD not narcotic or anything of the junkie
    nature but ive watched him change though it has no connection with his et
    ufo work hes a bit of a poser. but long may you push for disclosure reign.

  5. we’re getting nowhere until the USA keeps hiding the truth.
    Luckily south american governments have started realizing the phenomenon is
    too big, too widely spread to keep hiding.
    Hopefully this «isolation» will push the big countries and most importantly
    the USA, to change doctrine because it’s pointless to say it’s not
    happening when everyone around you says it is.

    It’s our only chance.

  6. Too bad the crater they showed to supposedly be at Mohenjo-Daro is actually
    the Lonar Crater near Bombay, almost 1200km (730 or so miles) away. I
    wonder what else they lied about?

  7. If we are to maintain control if iur military industrial complex and the
    fossil fuels such as oil that is required to operate these machines than mr
    Greer poses a significant threat and must be silenced by death 

  8. As soon as Scietific materialism based researchers cross the wishy-washy
    line into new age spiritialism, they are opening themselves for serious
    problems. There is a definite spiritual dynamic to the spiritual realm.
    There are also evil spirits with many capabilities. A new age spirit
    foundation is NOT equiped to distinquish between the good and the bad
    neither equiped to fight back efectivelly. If you set yourself up for
    deception and spiritual corruption, that is exactly what will happen.
    And it realy doesnt matter whether you are considdered a genius or not.
    The forces of evil do not discriminate. It is in fact stupid to ignore the
    ancient warnings and to take such knowledge right out of context.
    We should be aware of those who come bearing gifts and false promises.
    Not be so quick to embrace all and everything non-terestrial and non-human.
    Mymyfied remains of a non-human creature found in a desert, still does not
    prove it to be from another planet. No-one had seen that dead cadaver step
    out of a space ship and die in the desert. The «U» in UFO, still stand for
    «Unidentified». Which in no way means it is space alien spaceships from
    other planets at all. Gathering a whole army of like-minded new agers, each
    with a he sais and she sais testomonies, still proves nothing. neither does
    spirit channeling parties in the wilderness at night prove space alien
    contact. It should be pointed out that for thousands of years the human
    race has known and done spiritual channeling and conjuring in exactly such
    a manner as shown in such films.

  9. Stan Friedman is a much better ufologist. He doesn’t name drop every
    opportunity and does not brag about squatting 500 lbs. Yes he’s doing it
    for money but at least his presentations are not one big infomercial., ie
    Greer constantly saying he has recorded video of his group contacting ufos
    or audio of a cia agent disclosing the truth but is only available for
    subscribers. Stan spends only a min hawking his book and then moves on to
    his presentations. 

  10. At 10:46, seeing David Wilcock wearing his Captain Kirk shirt made
    everything clear…David read some 200 books when he was unemployed in the
    90’s, now he is one of the ‘Great» new-age minds…
    Problem is he has a zero batting average on his predictions, he has
    supported, put his reputation on guys like Dan Burisch, Bill «Brockbrader»
    aka Bill Woods, Duncan O’finioan Super Soldier…problem is everyone of
    these guys — plus many more are 100 % proven frauds.
    I sound like a big hater, a «Disinfo Agent» A paid debunker, not the case,
    just a guy who resesarches this stuff, reads articles on UFO watchdog and
    other credible sites. Folks, just don’t make your decisions based on guys
    who will wear KIRK jackets, it’s not a giveaway they know the answers.

  11. steven i hope you read this as i cannot get any closer to you all i can say
    is the mother lode is tied into….. NIMA/186uap/44j-1976 its not going to
    make sense but as you dig it will become very clear.

  12. At the 17:20 minute, I can see my home from the Space. At the 18:42 minnute
    a magnificent flashing light object on the sky; undeniable. At the 23:00
    minute we are going to see an incredible UFO coming up to the sky from the
    lesft side of the screen. It’s a spherical object and it’s really very
    bright. Until the 24:30 minute we can enjoy the night lights.
    Absolutely interesting.

  13. It’s a Spider Monkey skeleton most likely. I’d be surprised if it actually
    was non-terrestrial. Even if the skeletal carcass wasn’t anything
    previously known to Science, it could still be of terrestrial origin. Earth
    has been around for nearly 5 billion years. Intelligent humanoids could
    easily have evolved on this planet millions of years ago and then left this
    planet into space, and only return from time to time to check out
    biological changes or diversity. The fact that the little creature had rib
    structures and other similarities to animals of Earth makes it likely the
    creature originates from Earth, unless all life in at least our Galaxy are
    related through the process of Panspermia. I’m not going to forget the
    hoaxes of the past either. The mermaid carcass made up of a monkey, and
    fish skeleton, I believe was from P.T. Barnum—correct me if I’m wrong. 

  14. Steven greer’s actions have completly tarnished any kind of legitimacy of
    the Disclosure Project, he is nothing but a talkimg head now, selling out
    by sellimg his bullshit books, greer used the disclosure project as a
    stepping stone if you ask me and he continues to do the same, sorry but
    once this becomes your bread winner than in my opinion, its over for that
    person, he is damaged goods 

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