Agartha UFO Base Antarctica

NAZI Base 211 Antarctica

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Agartha UFO Base Antarctica: 8 комментариев

  1. The Roswell incident [the crashed ufo in july 1947] is connected with
    operation highjump and the ufo attacks.
    Did you know that the only nuclear bombs of the world in the forties were
    bases in Roswell?
    Did you know that there was a wave of ufo sightings, which started in 1947
    in the usa?
    Did you ever see ancient worldmaps made by explorers?
    If you interested in ancient worldmaps, then search on youtube for «Lazeria
    Map Collection: Is the Earth Hollow?».

  2. Fantastic reporting. I have been studying this subject for some time now- I
    am a linguist, a Pagan Priest/ess & a highly Autistic empath. You have
    every detail correct so far. Keep going. I dont have the credibility to
    write a word that wouldnt be discredited. PLEASE keep going, you’re almost
    there. Many blessings <3

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