ALCYON PLEIADES — 32nd NEWS REPORT — 2014: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena…

ALCYON PLEIADES - 32nd NEWS REPORT - 2014: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena... As we explained in the video trilogy, Alcyon Pleiades, whilst we await the longed-for entrance of our planet Earth and the entirety…

UFO.s Nephilim Aliens Fallen Angels Channeling Spirits Demons deceit trans humanism Animal Human Hybrid NASA New World Order Anti Christ Lucifer Jesus Blood — last days end times news …
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ALCYON PLEIADES — 32nd NEWS REPORT — 2014: UFO sightings, conspiracies, strange phenomena…: 25 комментариев

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  2. i am an «abductee» since my early childhood. it is my firm belief that the
    «aliens» (fallen angels) create hybrids because the fallen angels cant
    manifest a long time on the earth. But when they create hybrids with humans
    the «children» would have a body of flesh and propobly no limitation in
    walking the earth. By the way I noticed that they are not aliens when I
    accidentally screamed to Jesus Christ in panic when i woke up to see them
    in front of my bed — they instantly started to whine and ran through a wall
    out of my room.
    Jesus Christ is God .

  3. I bet this will get blocked or hidden from public soon watch, Because it
    might be devastating to the posters ratings ….. lol

    This crap has been going on for thousands and thousands and thousands of
    years. regardless of what any book says. Your «end times» will come when it
    comes and not a second more, NOBODY and i mean NOBODY knows when the end is
    not even you with all the knowledge you think you know from misinterpreting
    everything you read and drawing your own mental picture. Stop trying to put
    fear into people you morons..I could be crazy but Here’s an idea , Go enjoy
    your life and stop trying to save people on the internet because it makes
    you feel good about yourself. EVERYBODY knows Jesus everybody knows about
    religion and organized religion geeeez give people a little credit will ya.
    you are so hell bend on judging people by thinking they can’t think for
    themselves. Go Live………………

  4. The Vatican have had a telescope more powerful than the Hubbel telescope
    for a long time. They have this to contact the ‘aliens’ & believe they will
    come & save us! They also think Jesus & Mohammed etc were sent to us from
    these ‘Aliens’, so this is the type of thinking that will bring religions
    together, & people will over time accept the Pope as the False Prophet
    because the Vatican is the main source of the whole ‘Alien’ push along with
    the illuminati ( of which the vatican is a powerful arm)!
    The telescope is built on a hill thats an open gateway to the demonic realm
    through occult activity throughout history. Do research on the Vatican &
    Aliens, etc! Tom Horn & others have interviewed catholic scientists who
    work with the telescope & they have been very open about this! Illuminati
    all believe this also & are sneakily pushing this agenda, which is why the
    Popes have been meeting up with top illuminati people so often. Many
    illuminati leaders have been educated by Jesuits!
    The Jesuits were originally named «The Inquisition» & were the evil
    ‘police’ of the catholics who did the tortures & murders etc to force
    everyone under the power of the catholic ‘church’. They just changed their
    name, & their true agenda & purpose has simply been hidden for a time.
    This is why this final pope in these last days is a Jesuit & why he says so
    many anti-bible things, whilst also saying & doing many things that appeal
    to undiscerning people who are ignorant of many facts!
    Even the prophecies/visions given to a catholic priest a thousand yrs ago
    prophecied how many popes there would be till the end of the age, & this
    pope now (Pope Francis) is the final one according to those prophetic
    visions from so long ago!
    A few months back I was watching the News on TV when I saw Bill Clinton (an
    illuminati leader) boldly declaring that the Aliens will be the world’s
    salvation! I knew illuminati leaders would eventually start saying such
    things publicly but was still shocked when I heard him say it, & it made me
    realise they are trying to work more quickly to not only bring in the One
    World Order, but also to start pushing the whole ‘UFO/Alien Saviour’ issue,
    so people would progressively become more open to this way of thinking!
    Research it all for yourself!

  5. They come back and take wives and have children. They will teach new charms
    and sciences. Their children will become great men with great appetites
    and they will feast on the children of men.


  7. God bless us all.. good videos man some will understand some will not just
    pray that they do b4 they wake up in hell. This is war and people
    expressing themselves doesnt make them slower or a freak were all family
    under God an the next person is not your enemy satan decieves many with the
    help of the fallen in the end we will all see God an there will be no place
    for ignorence. Love thy enemy as well something thats seems hard for me but
    if God says so then i shall obey pray for them 2. Like the video said were
    all still gods chikdren rather you deny him or not God created you. Dont
    let the devil win your soul we are stronger then they are even now.. but
    only with the power of The Lord can we defeat evil.

  8. THE ONE Word Religion Is Already In Rotation Just LIKE The Days Of History
    THE Catholic Church Change Set Times AND Dates To worship the Pope is
    already send his prophet of Elijah for the Protestant to fall under his
    religion one world religion and everyone else will fall under as well as it
    is right now you just don’t know it because you don’t do your research and
    its not done in front of you you don’t realize if your Baptist your Baptist
    and Catholic under coexis wake up people you’re sleeping

  9. An knowing what i know now there really watching us an only revail
    themselves when they want 2. An i used 2 think for years if it was a real
    angel thank god im awake now an know the difference. If it was a real angel
    i woulda never been afraid an it would have spoke 2me because real angels
    dont just pop up to look n scare the shit out of you when your 4 or 5 years
    old. The presence is way different between a fallen trying to pretend to be
    a angel and a real angel who still fight for the 1 n only god. Not trying
    to scare anybody but if your the scary type you need 2 pray because these
    demons feed off that shit n remember that god is way more powerful then any
    of them including satan. N if anybody tries to help god save souls dont get
    discouraged remember satan is using spiritual power to decieve poeple this
    wont be easy. God bless us all n cant nobody bless you but God not any
    popes or preachers.

  10. 90% of all humanity will believe in the lying signs and wonders that will
    be used by the POPE who advances the ecumenical movement….U C the bumper
    stickers! Lying signs and wonders…Yes when U see supernatural forces that
    U cant beat…For who can stand against the BEAST! It is not about
    conversion it is about inclusion!

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