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UFO investigator Don Schmitt reveals deathbed confessions, eyewitness testimony and other evidence related to the 1947 Roswell Incident. As a leading Ufologi…
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Alex Free Stock Video Footage — Full HD — Green Screen — Animation — UFO 7: 27 комментариев

  1. Negative zero point energy may give us the ability to exceed velocity of
    light, without violating the inertial laws of the Universe. In the space
    craft, the aliens would be standing still, while moving spacetime around
    the craft. The UFO moving at «apparent» superluminal velocities.

    My Paranormal Years

  2. I think you need to focus on the essence and information being presented,
    the importance of his message and the potential magnitude for man kind
    surrounding this case, the acknowledgement of this individuals courage to
    come forward not a cosmetic quip about his hair or the dryness of his
    presentation, the colour of his freak’n tie or who he looks similar to for
    Gods’s sake.You are far to focused on ego and physicality rather than the
    quest for the salvation of truth. With comments like that it truly shows
    your ignorance and lack of intelligence.Go back to your petty shallow life
    and worry about the colour of your car and how many apps you have on your
    stupid cell phone.?

  3. Don Schmitt is possibly the most knowledgeable researcher on the planet
    when it comes to Roswell, You gotta laugh though how he’s getting to look
    more and more like a cross between Al Pacino and Sylvester Stalone all the
    time! Thanks for posting!

  4. I’m impressed at this man’s ability to speak and present. He’s obviously
    intelligent and his points are logically and thoroughly laid out. He’s
    articulate and serious about this subject (as one should be). 

  5. All of these NEGATIVE commentors. Why do they go out of their way to make
    a NEVER HAPPENED position statement if it does not matter? I personally
    worked for & knew a retired former ww2 pilot who eventually was at Wright
    Patt & a plane with NUKES crashed along border w/ Canada. He was sent w/
    team to secure site. Eventually he became THE officer in charge of ALL
    crashes for US GOV. & so it was his team who went to Roswell to secure all
    wreckage, material, bodies etc.

  6. I use to be an atheist. I am now a born again Christian. I believe in and
    know from so much overwhelming scientific evidence that evolution is a
    fact. It did and still does happen in all living species of which almost
    all are now extinct. I know non living things from the tiniest to largest
    evolve too. I believe intelligent life onto the tiniest simple life exist
    throughout our galaxy and galaxies. Science, evolution, aliens,
    extraterrestrial life are not evil words. We Christians should embrace all
    sciences and studies. The early Church murdered so many people who knew one
    day man would know what he knows now and pursues to know yet undiscovered.

  7. What happened at roswell, was just what they said. Those radar reflectors
    were a key instrument in checking up on Russia and making sure we did not
    get caught with our pants down. There is simply no evidence anywhere of
    the existence of ufo’s on this planet. I’m not saying there is no
    intelligent life anywhere, but all u have to do is watch cnn to know there
    isn’t any on earth…..Somebody somewhere would of spilled the beans by
    now. It’s just human nature we just cant keep our mouths shut about

  8. «…..into the mainstream media…?» Are ya avin a larf? Have you been
    watching this vid or even listening to Don’s words of wisdom? He tells you
    why in his direct but eloquent style at the beginning of the vid. If you’re
    genuinely interested in knowing the truth I recommend you get yourself a
    copy of Don’s & Thomas Carey’s excellent book *Witness To Roswell*, and the
    painstaking research that weaves several witness testimonies into a
    coherent chronological timeline of what actually happened.

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