Alien Base Found On Google Moon, August 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Coordinates: 19°43’02.81″ N 20°30’52.97” E Date of discovery: August 2014 Location of discovery: Google Moon
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Alien Base Found On Google Moon, August 2014, UFO Sighting News.: 25 комментариев

  1. your never going to find anything using google moon.

    lets face it people when they first designed this for the public you can
    bet they had a team of 100+ people sweeping the planet looking and if they
    found something probably covered it up.

    someone needs to get the raw footage/mapping for this but this will be
    impossible so your left with not even knowing if your being played.

  2. Yup that is definitely a base, and I think I had seen something walk out of
    it. Do people really have nothing better to do with their lives, besides
    fabricate utterly stupid crap?

  3. first of all the moon isnt a «planet» second this could be a visual
    illusion, ur lookin at something grainy, with pixel deterioration the
    closer you zoom in. yah itd be ignorant to think with all these planets we
    are the only one , and trust me im no non believer ,but claiming this is a
    building or «structure» without being a clear pic and not just looking like
    a shadow or the many bigfoot sighting, is again irresponsible reporting.

  4. Hang on a bit; how do we know that Google haven’t placed these interesting
    items on their map of the Moon. I must admit that one photo of a mega
    Satellite dish on the Google Moon looks like a concrete rough structure and
    totally artificial.

  5. Looks like some kind of runway LOL. Perhaps they landed on the path of one
    diagonal, turned around the bend and took off down the other diagonal.

  6. Maybe not alien? Technology is usually 20+ years ahead of what the general
    population knows about. My dad was a defense contractor. I went with my dad
    to meet a Navy Captain aboard a Nuclear Sub in San Pedro Harbor when I was
    very young. At that time Nuclear Subs were a very big secret, however the
    Navy had been using them for quite a while when I went aboard. It was
    another decade or more before the general public found out about Nuclear
    Subs. Advanced technology in all fields is always kept secret for several
    decades. Be open minded about what you see and hear, it may be something
    you haven’t yet considered.

  7. Thank you m8. Worst thing i know when people say on comments, Aliens are
    fallen angel, ohh my god, or when people say we are stupid there is no
    aliens. I mean wtf, all planets, galaxy everything is not just created only
    for us humans to have a fun, or just for nasa so they can have a fun with
    missions on moon etc. Aliens is out there i know, couse i beliv on that.

  8. What a joke these «discoveries» are! Alien bases, fences, walls, what
    bullshit! A Yahoo! site shows additional pictures that Scott claims are
    bases when all that they are, are emulsion glitches created by the onboard
    film processing of the Lunar Orbiters. Alien bases indeed. Just poor
    fantasy research.

  9. so i tried for an hour to even get google moon… nothing. i get google
    earth loaded and a bloggers explanation of how to add moon but nothing
    works… very odd i cannot seem to get to even start looking…. anyone

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