Alien Craft? NEW FOOTAGE!! UFO Sightings Compelling Video~ Best Of April 2014

Alien Craft NEW FOOTAGE UFO Sightings Compelling Video~ April 2014 Just Into Thirdphaseofmoon! You Decide Watch Now! If you have captured anything Amazing re…

UFO Sightings 3 Incredible NEW 2014 UFO Videos The New Year Is Going TO BE AMAZING! Watch Now! unidentified flying object by Gary Ablett…
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Alien Craft? NEW FOOTAGE!! UFO Sightings Compelling Video~ Best Of April 2014: 50 комментариев

  1. It is quite like the one supposedly taken April 18th of this year. Obvious
    fake, but very well done in many aspects. It has the same little touches as
    the modified audio speaker UFO that has already been proven fake. Third
    Phase of Moon should take some time to vet this guy as he seems to be
    punking you.

  2. Of course. Even though it’s 20 fucking feet away from the guy with the
    camera it’s still not clear. Just has to be fuzzy. What a crock of shit
    ..but then again it IS third turd 

  3. Seems this guy must have been terrified to publicly share this video when
    he first filmed it. Now there is so much UFO footage on YouTube I would
    imagine the «men in black» are too underfunded to personally threaten
    everyone who films a UFO. Then again…maybe it’s fake. Can’t be certain
    what to believe anymore!

  4. This looks fake but I’m not mad or unsubbing you guys because most ufo
    videos look fake. I have a dream that someday somebody will send in the
    real deal and there will be no question. In the meantime, I like your show
    and will keep watching.

  5. I don’t believe its a ufo, for a simple reason, all these videos, you
    guys put music in them, instead of playing the origin video and
    sound so we can put this thing into perspective.
    thirdphaseofmoon, what do u say about this? original video, original sounds,
    puts things into perspective because we don’t wanna give the gov’ts any

  6. What I don’t understand is the guy who is submitting this footage and
    claiming it was shot 8 years ago, has only just made it public.
    I’m sorry, but if had taken videos of this quality, arguably some of the
    best close up footage ever taken, I would not have waited ALL THIS TIME to
    release it! I would have been putting it out to the media, sharing it with
    friends or anyone who would be in a position to analyse the videos.

  7. These guys need to go away and make room for the experienced and educated
    UFOlogists to get real information out to the public. taking already show
    footage and recutting it just so they can slap their name on a you tube
    video is really annoying and very transparent.

  8. It is known that the earths gravitational pull is affected by surface
    natural material like rocks, stones of varying sizes to densities as well
    as their internal make-up.Mind you, the changes are not felt by objects on
    the earths surface. However, if the craft is in a near stationary position
    and is manipulating gravity, the craft should reveal more of a rocking
    motion due to the incongruity of the earths surface and core gravitational
    force. In this case, the craft is seemingly counterbalanced on all
    sides..Could be possible, but unlikely. It is only on movement that the
    craft becomes visually stable.

  9. I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all
    admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally
    bring the aliens right to me & I‘m going to do it as soon as I get the
    funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at
    my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if
    you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will
    understand the truth about the aliens.

  10. Ive seen a UFO up close, and no videos yet look like what i saw, sorry i
    had no camera at the time, It cut me off in the road for about an hour.
    You can find my report at
    event date 9-16-94
    keep looking up, they are real.

  11. None of these are ours. Yes I have heard here on the internet in several
    places we have our own derived from downed alien ships from various
    planets light years away. With assistance from a species of small gray
    ours are operational, able to reach the moon in 10 minutes. At full, past
    pluto in 5. Its all black ops. I doubt anyone in congress or any of the
    branches of government know this. China brought down 6 UFOs in a month, or
    so I am told. Tells me they are hot on our heels or have passed us. Their
    black ops as well. It would be a true crime if the secret boys start a
    war so they can gain knowledge, doesn’t matter which country, we are all
    humans and it will be all of us that fight. That big, what appears to be a
    super cannon (3 miles) on the moon (aliens on the moon) is aimed at the
    earth.and can hit anywhere at will. Since it has an object at the end and
    most is underground, it could be a laser or.particle ray. It is
    definitely something akin to a weapon/transport materialization. Either way
    it is less than a blink away. Ill go with the former since materialization
    and dimension travel are out of my understanding. 

  12. Good idea, ThirdPhaseOfMoon… salt your phony videos with some possibly
    real ones. I periodically check this channel to see how deep their
    deception runs. Don’t believe everything you see from ThirdPhaseOfMoon..
    they like to show off their CG skills and claim it as authentic. Peace
    out till next time 

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