Alien Encounters — REAL UFO ABDUCTION Documentary (HD)

Alien Encounters — REAL UFO ABDUCTION Documentary (HD) Documentary on alien encounters — people have been abducted by aliens. Is this phenomena real or simpl…
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Alien Encounters — REAL UFO ABDUCTION Documentary (HD): 25 комментариев

  1. ok first off, anyone who believes any of this is just an idiot. second, the
    girl in this show is just retarded. obviously seeking attention and is a
    compulsive liar, her story comes straight out of any old alien movie. the
    guy is just out for money. trying to sell books and shit. and hes either
    the greatest liar ever or he just has the most vivid dreams of anyone in
    the world, being every single one of his encounters happens WHEN HES IN
    BED. some of the greatest things in the world have come from dreams, like
    harry potter for ex, this guy is just trying to copy that, good luck with

  2. Ummm. Aliens are only demons. How do I know? Well, actually, they tell
    people all kinds of lies. They change their stories with different people
    they abduct. I’ve researched it and found that aliens told people that
    Jesus sent them, or that god sent them, or that god was an alien, or jesus
    was an alien. they’ve told people that they created adam and eve, or that
    the person lived a past life somewhere else or from the future. they say
    jesus went to heaven in a ufo. they tell people that they are trying to
    help us save the world, etc. And they are trying to get people to seek into
    some type of spiritual awakening, to look into a deeper portion of
    knowledge. Very satanic and against the Word of God. God tells us to stay
    away from that stuff. Aliens are trying to get people to open up their
    inner minds and do weird stuff and look into other dimensions. Satanic and
    evil. Since they lie to the people they abduct and discredit God’s word,
    demonic and I will never be interested in seeing one or talking to one. Oh
    and for the atheists out there, aliens actually flee in the name of Jesus.
    There are countless testimonies where Christians were being abducted and
    only to call on the Name of Jesus, making them flee. How is this possible?
    Because aliens will only mess with people who are into that wicked occult
    stuff and they fear God and Jesus. I’ve read countless stories of people
    screaming or thinking of the name of Jesus when being abducted and the
    aliens letting them go. Nothing but end time deceptions. They only want to
    start a one world religion. Stop being deceived by these evil beings. They
    lie to everyone and they murder people. They feed off of human blood and
    use it to live off of. Disgusting. They live underground in these
    underground bases created by the Government. They will suffer the same fate
    as their master Satan whenever Jesus arrives to destroy the Antichrist!
    Stand up for Jesus!

  3. Based on what I know about this phenomena and my personal experiences, I
    would not try to communicate or anything else with these Extra Dimensional
    Beings…They are not Aliens from another planet. (Lucifer is/was an angel
    of light)… Sorry to say people, they are «Demons» and they only come in
    the middle of the night in «secret» they will be anything your Humans
    hearts want them to be… don’t be deceived, be careful what you wish for,
    the only reason they come is for your «souls» this has been happening for
    as long as humans have existed…

  4. is it just me or are the psychologists in this show like beyond hot… like
    models… not saying models cant be psychologists… but damn… these
    chicks are both solid 10s

  5. Ill tell you a true tale. that I would be willing to put my hand on the
    bible to tell and give my oath of truth on my mom’s ashes… That when I
    was 12, me and my cousin encountered a UFO on the ground not far from our
    weekend fishing spot.. He saw it first.. and left me in the dust after he
    saw it.. then I muscled up the courage to go look and I saw.. and I got
    closer..then..I was struck by a very bright beam of light.. this beam hit
    me 2-5 times before it rendered me unconscious..The first couple strikes of
    light, I could not move any longer…. after that each other strike made me
    sleepy and eventually I blacked out. Then I woke up in the sand, next to
    my bicycle.. and I peddled back to my grandmothers house.. my cousin had
    barricaded himself away from me.. and we only spoke to each other one time
    ever after it happend… thank you and gods bless.

  6. I totally believe in aliens, and other lives out there.. and I would have
    believed in this video, but they ruined that with the movie feeling it
    gives you… I know it’s a documentary, but seriously? I believe that maybe
    everyone has been abducted at least once, but we just don’t remember….
    but if there is one thing, it’s that I am not scared of it. No way. It’s
    just as if we would visit some planet, find a being, bring it back and
    experiment on it… just the other way around. I believe that in 10/15
    years, everything will be out there. 

  7. …this is grey alien propaganda…the CIA is putting micro chips in this
    guy’s head..the media elite wouldn’t put this on TV if it wasn’t their plan
    to indoctrinate the public by priming us for a staged alien invasion…
    aliens are real but they’re not taking over the world…the Anglo Elite

  8. I’ve actually seen an alien beside my bed, but that was only a dream! ^^
    Really scary!! I saw it, and i think it touched me, and i woke up. That’s
    it ^^

    I was like maybe 14-15 years old. Maybe they can’t see the difference
    between reality and dreams. ^^ And if they wake up with scars some places
    or such, they could have been unlucky when they slept. Happens to me.
    Sometimes i’m clumsy when i sleep.

    When i was younger i couldn’t always see the difference between reality and
    dreams. I saw things and heard things.

  9. All you have to say is something like this «by the power of Jesus Christ
    leave now», and say it with conviction and with belief, and they will
    leave. If you continue to live in sin these aliens which are really fallen
    angels can come into your life, the real purpose to which is to both scare
    you and prepare you to worship and accept the Antichrist for he will be one
    of them. God & Christ bless……

  10. Well from what I see from watching this video and reading the comments the
    Governments is right about keeping the knowledge about extraterrestrial a
    secret. We are not ready, we cannot handle the truth if it is real. 

  11. I do believe aliens exist, but I find this video very hard to believe.
    Here’s why, well, if you get abducted by an alien, they will do something
    to your mind so you don’t remember what happened. For all we know, each and
    every human could have got abducted. But our minds were cleared so we don’t
    remember anything. I don’t know. Its what I think, but I do feel as if this
    video is fake.

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