Alien Evidence UFO Sightings Real Aliens In NASA Footage — Dan Aykroyd Documentary

Alien Evidence UFO Sightings Real Aliens In NASA Footage — Dan Aykroyd Documentary. David Sereda, a UFO enthusiast, interviews the comedian Dan Aykroyd who c…
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Alien Evidence UFO Sightings Real Aliens In NASA Footage — Dan Aykroyd Documentary: 24 комментария

  1. out of all the mind blowing information this documentary presents, i think
    the most off-putting piece of data to process is that brittany spears has a
    direct hotline to dan aykroyd. wtf is all that about? this is indeed a
    disturbing universe. 

  2. Hutchinson is a fraud! Every single time someone goes there to record the
    effect, it mysteriously doesn’t work that day. The only person that’s ever
    recorded the affect is Hutchinson himself. I have watched every one of the
    videos on the so called effect and what I see is not unknown science, but
    deliberate fraud.

    Ugh! Roswell was nothing more than a top secret balloon program. The US
    used top secret technologies attached to balloons to look for Soviet
    nuclear testing. There was no spacecraft recovered!

  3. People have been seeing strange, often saucer-shaped, objects in the sky
    for centuries, perhaps millennia. Those who insist that some alien invasion
    is imminent overlook that fact. If whatever-they-are had wanted to attack
    us, wouldn’t they have done it by now? Adopting the macho military
    attitude of trying to attack it, or preparing for them to attack us (as if
    we are Neanderthals and every problem is a mastodon), is not only stupid,
    it is useless. If they are literal, physical aliens from another dimension,
    then they obviously have technology far in advance of ours and can protect
    themselves without even trying. Whatever this phenomenon is, we have
    something to learn from it, and it will continue happening until we learn

  4. D. Aykroyd is an actor who apparently has a strong belief in spirits,
    ghosts and this sort of things. Why exactly should we believe anything he
    says, especially since he’s only re-telling stories that have been around
    for decades and are still a total mystery. This unsubtle type of propaganda
    is only meant to get some dollars in some pockets.

  5. Put it this way if they wanted to enslave us or kill us and take our planet
    from us they would have done it long time ago when we were more useless
    then now, even now we are considered a pushover when comparing to their
    technology. So if they really wanted to kill us and mean us harm we
    wouldn’t have been here having this discussion. Furthermore there is an
    argument that there is a sort of galactic federation of worlds which have a
    system similar like united nations here on earth. They are united and
    police the universe. There are rules everyone must follow otherwise there
    are serious repocussions for that species that breaks those rules. Such as
    attacks less developed species for their planet or rescources. However
    there is a free will thing going on. If the peoples of that world chose to
    cooperate with aliens with malevolent agenda then there is nothing to stop
    them.Hence those people had accepted the deal and had a free choice to deal
    with such entities. Some of the contactees claim this is the case, there
    are good aliens those who are turned toward the spirit and light, and those
    who are following materialistic and ways, which are only interested in
    subjugating others to their will and acquiring what they have. They are not
    interested much in spirit and emotions. Many contactees say that grays are
    those, they have no emotions or feeligns they only pursue technologies and
    work for their selfinterst. Benevolent entities are Plaedians (tall blonde
    humans) and some other species mainly manifest in light, they are so
    advanced spiritually they have not physical bodies, but they are beings of
    pure light. They have achieved high level of spiritual consciousness and
    are even in contact with god. They are the basis for analogy of angles in
    bible. Devil and demons usually represtented in bible as serpents and
    reptiles are the reptilian aliens. Saint George for example killing a
    dragon… has more meaning then just that. So its interesting. I do believe
    that governments are in contact with aliens and that we are in contact with
    both good and bad ones. Good aliens are not interested in helping us with
    technology they want us to advance morally and spiritualy frist, but
    governments are more likely to form pacts and deals with greys who want to
    offer some of their technology. Now what the price for this deal is nobody

  6. Extraterestres somos nosotros ,asta cuando boy a estar escuchando la
    palabra extraterrestres, senores son Alien y viven en este planeta mucho
    antes que surgieramos nosotros,nosotros somos su obra y nos han venido
    estudiando todo nuestro desarrolló y han ayudado en él, tengo unas ganas
    que se precenten para que todos los que no creen los puedan ver con sus
    propios ojos pero para eso ay que crear una ley que prohíba agredir a los
    Alien en todo el mundo ,es muy posible que cuando se haga una ley de
    protección ellos se precenten ,losAlien estan al tanto de todo lo que
    sucede en nuestro mundo,somos millones que savemos donde están y tenemos
    contactos con ellos,en verdad ay muchos que no se atreven a decir que los
    han visto porque tienen miedo a que le digan que estan locos,.,locos estan
    los que no creen que los Alien son los verdaderos abitantes de este planeta
    y todos los planetas y satelites de nuestro sistema solar y del Universo.

  7. I never met Dan but I did meet the whole Aykroyd clan at their cousin Ed’s
    wedding in 2000. I just missed him. I did meet Peter and what an
    interesting person. I too have seen a ufo on 3 occasions. 1 in Florida, my
    most recent in 1985, and two other occasions one of which was also seen by
    my mom, my brother and two police officers one a Supervisor and another
    when the whole region around North Bay Ontario was shut down because of the
    light in the sky which was on for hours. There were police check points on
    highway 11 going into Powasson to warn people not to be afraid and there
    are records of this all even in the archives of papers in North Bay. I tend
    to suspect that these things are probably real and probably human but that
    is my opinion and mine alone really. Those things that we saw on all three
    occasions were not normal aircraft because of their characteristics. But
    then again isn’t that how all the experimental planes present. As something
    other than what is expected.So it throws people off. What I do want to know
    is when are they going to really benefit us…I bet they already have. No
    doubt. what if the monsters are already here nd we are really trying to
    fool them into thinking we don’t know a thing until our technology comes up
    to a level to be able to fight them off. Hmmm.

  8. Can you imagine us intelligent monkeys colonizing the universe, Lord help
    them if there is any other beings out there for it would be the end of them.
    Aliens if you are real you best get as far away from Earth as possible,
    barbaric Earthlings destroy everything and everyone in its path.
    We are the most destructive animal to ever walk this plant, so take my
    advice and fly away as quick as possible.

  9. Since abduction information can be retrieved by hypnosis, even though
    measures have been taken to prevent the abductee from accessing this
    information, I think this is a major aperture that we need to expand upon
    to determine the nature of the energy used to manipulate the minds of
    Once we know the energy descriptions, we can set about forming effective
    repellants, and perhaps even turning the knowledge back upon the would-be
    abductors, using their own techniques.
    I believe that under hypnosis, some brave an unusual souls could describe
    or define the energy that makes the psychic paralysis and manipulation
    possible. Does anyone know of any research done to extract this information
    from former abductees?
    There is a suspicious lack of outrage over these abductions, even from
    believers and abductees themselves. It makes me think some type of mass
    mind manipulation is going on to prevent us from feeling angry and

  10. John Hutchison to date as never been able to recreate his so called
    «Hutchison Effect» in controlled laboratory conditions. The Wikipedia page
    describing the «Hutchison Effect» has been depreciated and purged. He now
    collects vintage firearms and adopts an alternate transvestite persona
    known as «Karla Knipton». Good luck with that one.

  11. As a lifetime contactee, I am a Witness to all this UFO crap. It is all
    demonic…how do I know? I know because most abductions are done with
    children which leaves them with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. That’s how
    I know.

  12. The reason why government and everything keeps there knowledge secret. Is
    because we are to smart. Some of us are so far beyond technological and
    imaginability bounds and are able to know things about the universe that
    some of us just aren’t able to do. They are scared that if we know what
    they know we could use are imagination to build and fabricate any danm
    thing we danm well please. The wrong hands that could spell the end of are
    solar system as we know it period. Tha tis why they are scared! P.s..> some
    of us think in ways that as soon as we see for reference a peice of dirt we
    would instantly know everything about it how it came into the universe what
    it chemical make up is and how many atoms are in it just by looking at it
    and smelling it. Some of us can actually do amazing things with are minds.
    So if we hear the right knowledge the right way we could literally
    unboundly do anything we want to. That is why they don’t tell you shit.

  13. OMG…does anybody believe this utter crap?………I feel sorry for you.
    In stead of just falling for it, because thats the comfortable thing to do,
    and because you WANT to believe, just try for a second to step back and
    really look at all this so called «evidence». Its not ecidence. Why are all
    these videos always grainy and out of focus? And with all these camera
    phones around today globally — why arent MANY more sitings happening?
    Please, THINK for yourselves and dont be blindly swallowed up in this mass
    delusion. Cause thats what it is — a bunch of people who WANT to believe
    and therefor choose to ignore the fact that these so called pieces of
    evidence, are nowhere near what one would call evidence — not ONE, not a
    single one. They are just rather poorly made amateur videos most of them.
    And yes, there are things happening sometimes, which we cantexplain right
    of the bat, but that doesnt mean they are ufos. The same mistakes where
    made in the bronze age, when people invented a god to explain thunder and
    Please just grow up and think for yourselves…….

  14. 56.38 you are missing the point the G-Force is irrelevant when the vehicle
    is anti gravitational, within the structure powered in such a way the
    interior would not experience any gravitational force at all. Come on
    these are smooth sophisticated vehicles, obviously.

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