shot on the evening of august 6th 2007 to find out the whole truth about these events and how to deal with them listen to this…

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ALIENS IN MEXICO !!!: 25 комментариев

  1. ES FALSO:, primero este vídeo supuesta mente es de Haití, no de México, y
    segundo si se fijan todas las palmeras son 100% iguales, y los «OVNIS»
    también son iguales. Otro dato es que siempre distorsionan la imagen en un
    vídeo paranormal. Y a partir del segundo 00:14 se puede ver que los ovnis
    se dirigen hacia arriba y no siguen su camino hacia delante. Por lo que se
    puede significar que el que hizo la animación no tuvo ganas de hacerla bien
    por lo tanto esto es COMPLETAMENTE FALSO

  2. This one is amazing. Looks like some man made shit to me but either way
    it’s something never before seen. These things fly directly over the
    camera, not far above it.

  3. Why does everyone assume that aliens are super intelligent compared to
    humans? the only difference between humans and other animals on this planet
    is our brain thanks to circumstances on evolution side. what are the
    chances of aliens being as intelligent? I say there is a higher chance that
    aliens are on the same intelligence level as the rest of animals on our
    planet, because its not necessary that every planet must have a species
    with the equivalent intelligence of homo sapiens in order for the planet to
    survive. in fact it might have a better chance of survival without the
    intelligent species interfering like we humans do on earth.


    I love how people comment telling the uploader that this video is fake,
    it’s kind of obvious it’s fake. But the uploader knows that because he
    CREATED IT! I’m not going to fucking reply to every who called Barzolff a
    twat because that’s a waste of time, so before you comment on this video
    read mine. Do not yell at Barzolff for uploading his work, do some research
    and learn to have fun.

  5. This solar system finally has moved into «The Photon belt of Alcyone
    star», early 2014. It happen every 26000 years according to Mayan
    calender. Now magnetic field of the planet is changing rapidly also
    numerous ET’s civilizations are watching the great cosmic event, wanting
    to help us with all their heart. Chinese ancient book of prophecy
    «Tui Bei Tu» predicted «The spiritual golden age of love will begin after
    Aliens visit us from another planets.» Vaya con dios…..

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