Aliens in the NASA Archives — More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film

After receiving such a positive response to my first «NASA Alien Anomalies» compilation video, I decided I would do a follow-up effort, presenting a few more of my favorite anomalous audio…
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Aliens in the NASA Archives — More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film: 24 комментария

  1. Don’t watch too much of this, the more interested you are of them the more
    interested they are of you. Trust me.
    That’s all i had to say.

  2. Incredible vid! Could i mirror it with Greek subtitles? It goes without
    saying that Credits will show your channel in my description box.

  3. If an object traveling through space suddenly changes direction and/or
    velocity with respect to a camera shooting video from a location in in
    stable orbit (Shuttle, manned craft, ISS etc), then there is NO WAY that
    the object can be a piece of space debris. The laws of physics MANDATE that
    the object has a source of onboard power to execute such a maneuver., and
    presumably, that power source would be initiated by some command from…
    ….. …. (fill in the blank).

  4. Some of these flying structures look very intricately detailed. I wonder
    who’s flying them and where they came from. And why Earth? Very curious
    stuff. Thumbs up.

  5. Guys, … As you look at this film footage, you’ll notice a whole
    bunch of small things that are moving. Some of these are circular, some
    spherical and others are more rod like. Well, I believe what we’re seeing
    in this film footage is what I call MACROBES . We have microbial life so,
    why not MACROBIAL life?!
    In the Bible, it says, » as below, then so above. » or, words to that
    effect. So, now you know at least in part why I say there is life out there
    in space.

  6. A lot of this is SUPER IMPOSED CRAP. Some of the scenes are deep ocean
    underwater scenes showing microscopic life forms, imposed onto space
    footage to look like UFO’s, others are a snow globe in front of a camera
    and a screen showing space footage.
    It’s SO, easy today to fake things in space, it is also very easy to fake
    astronauts talking on the radio too.
    Yes, …. I believe there are more advanced civilizations out there
    possibly watching us, but WHY, WHY, WHY, would they make contact with a
    warmongering race such as ours? ………. I know I wouldn’t, especially
    here and now.
    If they can cross the voids between stars, they are in my opinion, at least
    1 or 2 THOUSAND years in front of our technology. We can not get off the
    planet without «FIRE», …. we are still in the very early cave man age
    where space is concerned. 

  7. whatever they are they don’t look like space craft, as it seems many shift
    shape, They just seem to fade in and out of existence.
    It almost looks like video from in the deep oceans. like space is some type
    of ocean of different water that we can’t really perceive or understand,
    like maybe a fish can’t understand what air is and these strange creatures
    that live in it. Maybe space is just another plane of existence and we are
    the fish out of water.

  8. Можно слушать болтовню НАСА по тв.
    но никогда вам никто правды не скажет

  9. pour l’objet triangulaire filmé aux abords de la terre,c ouf mais en
    belgique,en 89,beaucoup de personnes ont décrient avoir vu exactement ça
    dans le ciel!!! c’est quand meme assez troublant…

  10. While some of these objects seem clearly to suggest alien spacecraft, I am
    doubtful about some others. For example, the small white balls-that always
    seem to be in a motion away (usually), though sometimes down away from our
    own earth craft. Could this be some kind of debris coming off our own
    spaceship, not normally visible, but becoming visible shooting through a
    certain type of space? Like leaving a trail. Some other objects seem to
    be remnants of another, larger and more understandable «thing» and may have
    been floating around space for what — millions or billions of years? This
    would seem to fit other evidence we have of there having been FORMER life
    and even civilizations out there. Other images leave me daunted as to what
    they could possibly be. I am a little distrustful of people claiming that
    they know what all the stuff is. Looks relatively «unknowable» often, and
    they probably are not taking my above observations into account.

  11. Incredible vid! Could i mirror it with Greek subtitles? It goes without
    saying that Credits will show your channel in my description box.

  12. Some pictures could just be reflective debris, high questionable. But
    undoubtedly some of those images are ships and entirely 100% unexplained..

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