Amazing Secrets about Aliens — UFO Documentary

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Amazing Secrets about Aliens — UFO Documentary: 25 комментариев

  1. There’s not a shred of evidence that ET has ever visited Earth.
    Stanton freidman and Graham Hancock are bullshitters. They make their
    living from promoting and writing books on crap like this.
    Dr Mcdonough talked more sense than both the ufo bullshitters did.

  2. Imagine trying to make sense of a nine foot tall insectoid as he rubs his
    big bubble head with his filthy hairy claws, dribbling digested humanoid
    bio-beef juice, and communicating with you in a voiceless telepathic insect
    language you have no hope of interpreting in any way. It’d really fuck with

  3. I watch these documentaries & I have to laugh from beginning to end, lol.
    All of the so-called highly educated men in this video are complete idiots
    with that Ronald Story being the head idiot. The Bible explains everything
    known to mankind from cover to cover & mankind simply refuses to believe?
    The two worst traits of mankind are arrogance & ego. Man has this insane
    need to answer everything in the universe & refuse to accept the Creator’s
    «Book of Knowledge» otherwise known as the BIBLE that clearly describes
    everything & all mankind has to do is believe??? What is so hard about

    The word Nephilim means «the fallen ones» in ancient Greek & there is no
    other meaning or interpretation. That’s another point… the Bible is NOT
    open to man’s interpretation however, once again because of arrogance &
    ego, man refuses to accept what the Bible clearly explains so they make up
    things on every aspect of life. UFO’s, aliens & the like are nothing more
    than demons & their tricks yet, the arrogance & ego of mankind will not
    accept this as well. If mankind actually knew just 10% of what they claim
    to know, they would almost appear as educated individuals.

  4. Hi. I’m from the planet «Huh?». Please visit our planet, we’ll send ships
    to pick you up. Just don’t translate the book we accidentally left there on
    our first visit. 

  5. *Meanwhile people are focusing on*
    -Truth about aliens
    -Truth about 9/11
    -Truth about the illuminati
    -Truth about inflation… *You get the point,*
    *I’m focusing on the truth of life.* If you guys are interested, I think
    you’d like reading *»The Present»* at TruthContest○Com.

  6. The truth is our Insect Alien Overlords have deluded humanoids since the
    dawn of history as a strategy to befuddle us, creating doubt and questions
    that distract us from their nefarious agenda, which is to farm and
    liquefy our protein yield to manufacture a bio-beef juice their majestic
    insect armies can consume through a long flexible straw as they fly about
    with complete impunity in their glorious silver flying saucers. 

  7. reading and especially writing in that time was a hard task, I don’t think
    they would write fantasy. they put them on stone tablets because stone
    lasts. they knew what they were doing, we just have to understand their
    frames of reference.

  8. If 99% of all UFO’s are explainable, and 1% is not, what % of the 1% are
    flying machines from another world? One million UFO’s are reported
    worldwide each year. Let’s play devil’s advocate, here. Let’s say only 1%
    of the unexplained 1% are space ships. That would equal 100 real McCoys.
    Seems to me the variety of flying things relate the possibility that Earth
    is a vacation destination for curious ET’s. We are, for the most
    part, pretty much bound by gravity; therefore, we are caged to our planet
    and these guys can zip around and look at us anywhere and anytime..And,
    anytime humans see spaceships they scatter like rats in a drain which
    probably gets ET pissing his pants in laughter. Earth: a great place to
    visit and see wildlife like humans in the safety of your comfy flying

  9. Being a Scientist, I have heard some very dumb ideas come from the minds
    and mouths of some very, «smart,» people. None as dumb as this. Yes, GOD
    came from somewhere other than the Earth that He created. By our limited
    intellects, you so proudly displayed for us, GOD must, by necessity be
    alien to Earth. As well, in the infinity of space there cannot be a
    singularity to life thus, by necessity, there must be aliens. Its infinity
    after all. One would be dumber than dumb to believe otherwise. Yes,
    conceited people are the dimmest of the dumb. «I ain’t never saw an
    alien. They must not be.» Those are digits. Here is another one for you.

    If they do travel space and/or time, they are really smart. I have a two
    hundred IQ. I will never assume I will solve the problem. True intellect
    necessitates admission of ones own status. I would assemble the largest
    group of 200 IQs I possibly could. Now right here is the biggest issue
    facing man kind when the day of hostile visitation nears.

    The Rothschilds have bought off everything with money. Money, get wealthy,
    or high on it. Money = power = drunk. Rich humans live in a diluted
    reality where its okay to hold back the intelligent humans using their god
    $money$. Thus, the Rothschilds have just about guaranteed that, definitely
    coming, alien’s victory over humans and conquering of Earth. This mean
    possible extermination of humans in all of infinity. Fight the money. Be

  10. *The truth has been revealed. You think you can handle it? The truth is the
    worst thing when you don’t have a receptive mind. Even I am lucky that I am
    here. I cried because of it. The truth hurts, but afterwards comes the
    ultimate fulfillment.*

    *If you’re ready to step down the rabbit hole and never return back, go to
    truthcontest♣c○m and open The present. This is the ultimate ticket to ride.*

  11. Why must they allways debunk ancient time people intelligences. Time and
    time again I hear the same argument, in those days people could not have
    understood what they saw in the sky’s. Like hell they could.

  12. wow! an amazing number of ignorant trolls here that know nothing whatsover
    about the Universe or the Scientists and Archeologists like Stanton
    Friedman and Graham Hancock who have done a huge amt of work and research
    on this very important subject

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