Amazing UFO Activity! 4 UFOs landing in Clouds, Nov 2014

Amazing UFO Activity! 4 UFOs landing in Clouds, Nov 2014

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UFO Lou - U F O ****** EJECTS***** ''SOMETHING!'   August 9 Melbourne AU


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Amazing UFO Activity! 4 UFOs landing in Clouds, Nov 2014: 49 комментариев

  1. Yeah the most fucked up part about them is that SOMETIMES they just vanish.
    I’ve seen more of these than anybody on record I strongly believe. Every
    experience has been different too. Sometimes its just 1 orange one.
    Sometimes its multiple. They day I took pics there was 9. But it was like 2
    and 3 at a time, 1 by 1 dropping from the sky, traveling south and they
    going back UP in the sky and vanishing. I saw an extremely bright one about
    5 weeks ago, traveling south at a very weird speed. You cant tell if its
    going fast or slow but that shit was visibile even 8 full minutes of
    traveling away from me that’s how bright it was. I think my most
    interesting encounter was with the yellow V.I saw a flying yellow V AGAIN
    heading south, (wtf is up with that) The V was made up of 6 lights, it flew
    100% silent right over my head this was about 11:40PM 4 months ago. I saw
    an «expanding comet» (best way to describe it) about a year ago, that
    was very…VERY interesting. It started as a white orb, the it
    started leaving a trail, then the nucleus started getting bigger and
    bigger. Suddenly from the nucleus, it stopped leaving a trail and just
    became a white orb again and it vanished. I’ve had about like 30 more
    incidents but these were the ones I remember the most because they were

  2. Why disturbing??? If it wasn’t for our ET friends and families watching
    our backs 24/7, we and our entire planet would’ve ‘gone up in smoke’ ages
    AWESOME footage … and thanks for sharing!
    ~South Africa~ xox

  3. WTH….. this was so awesome!! They are all over the place!
    Great catch here again Brother. I have got to watch this again ~ great
    Much love & XXX’s to you. :-)

  4. I don’t believe in Satellites, I’m almost positive that all earthly
    communications other than optic fibers use the ionosphere possibly even
    «chemtrails» as the link-up and then use earth based antennas, dishes cell
    towers etc to recive

  5. I use my IR goggles to watch the skies regularly, Lou. As such. I can tell
    you that I believe your catch is really extraordinary. The following
    «object» could be another satellite on the same trajectory, however, your
    catch of the «ejection» is amazing. I have seen satellites flash, blink,
    disappear and travel in threesomes. But I have never seen them eject
    anything, so I think your catch is very rare and interesting. Actually,
    ALL your videos are just GREAT. Thanks for posting!

  6. You can definitely tell that the object in question is below the clouds;
    whereas, the other is above…and your correct with regard to it seemingly
    releasing something as well. EXCELLENT CATCH Lou…your work is VERY
    enlightening!!! Thanks for sharing! 

  7. Lou, That’s AMAZING !! At first I thought it may be some kind of fuel
    exhaust, but it isn’t, it seems to eject something which is actually solid.
    A very odd piece of footage, looks like things are hotting up over
    Melbourne, I must do a bit of sky watching now the weather is slightly
    warmer, although it wasn’t last night, I went out but didn’t stay long.
    I’ve bought myself a Yukon Night Vision Monocular, but not sure if it’ll be
    much use, I may have bought the wrong thing, but can’t afford expensive
    equipment atm :(

  8. Every time you capture the really telling ones you need to post them to
    NASA’s Twitter, with the caption *»Explain this NASA»* especially when you
    get the ones that just stop and turn in impossible «L» angles. Do you have
    a Twitter account? If not you should really make one, you will get way more
    views/subs to your YouTube Channel from all your fans spreading your
    videos, tweets, and the constant sharing between people. 

  9. Great catch Lou. I appreciate now how much time you put into your
    Can I ask what time you saw this object? And I hope hope its not its poop
    shute lol!

  10. After Carefully study the video that first object appears flying across the
    sky then it went upward meaning it can not be a meteor or a satellite
    because this one eject when fly low then it went upward toward the stars or
    maybe it teleport something maybe a probe one thing is clear this one got
    to be a strange UFO and has to be real.

  11. Well spotted , not a meteorite as some say . In 1976 we could fly from New
    York to London in 2 hours ….. Suppressed technology , keeping the sheep
    in the dark ….DO not question OBEY !!! LOL’s 

  12. Amazing ..again Lou. If it was a meteor would be a lot faster also would
    have seen a burn off when piece separated. No burn but a clean «discharge»
    of what appears to be disk shaped object..and ejected object disappears?
    dissolves maybe/ ice? following object does acts like a satellite -maybe
    other was trying to «blend in» with normal orbital traffic..

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