Amazing UFO Patroller filmed spying a city, 3 clear shots, Nov 2014

Amazing UFO Patroller filmed spying a city, 3 clear shots, Nov 2014

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Amazing UFO Patroller filmed spying a city, 3 clear shots, Nov 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. I saw one yesterday in Elkhart Indiana. I went outside for a cigarette
    break and watched it circle the area then move up at a 90 degree angle
    going faster with a chem trail in a helix design behind it . I tried to
    show it to a friend of mine but it was gone when she finally went out to

  2. AWESOME capture of our DIVINE PROTECTORS! Without them, we and our planet
    would’ve been F*CKED!!!
    All the BS about them being Fallen Angels is simply religious fear
    mongering CR*P!
    Can’t wait for Matthew Ward’s FREE November 2014 message to be released at: <<< THEE ONLY source of the REAL TRUTH guys! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Much love and LIGHT, ~KwaZULU Natal~ xox

  3. dear WTFflow, thanks a lot for taking time to doing a good job.People are
    not alive most of the time,stuck on automatic.To simply look up would mean
    to letting down your guard.l feel a lot of people are very threatened by
    anything they can not explain. Everyone is at a different leval of is allright to feel anxious.We have been denied for too long,
    our birthright.This is an important time for everyone.Not » looking up»
    will not stop what is happening all over the world. Stay in Peace my friend

  4. Amazing UFO Patroller filmed spying a city, 3 clear shots, Nov 2014

    11/01/14 — I caught aa spectacular large craft over the Business center «La
    Défense», near Paris. The object was slowly moving between some buildings.
    It was right in the middle of my field of view, when I started recording
    with my iPhone.

    The object looked metallic, due to huge sun reflection on its side.
    It quickly flew away at the third sequence, and disappeared behind the
    buildings, just before the sun was set.

    It was clearly saucer-shaped, no doubt on this, you can’t deny it. The
    question is: who? Was it some sort of military prototype, controlled by
    humans… or something from outer space?

    A few people next to me also witnessed the object… but we were almost the
    only ones watching it. That is another proof that people live with
    recurrent habits: work, sleep, eat, run, work again, drive… and never
    look up a second. This is not a critic, it’s just a fact and that’s why
    most people never see anything abnormal in their life, and also why they
    usually don’t believe you when you try to tell them. So try to be
    interested a bit, if you like this subject, go and do some research,
    analyse, discover, but most of all: be open-minded!

    Filmed by me in La Défense, near Paris, France, November 2014.

    What was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold.

    Jesus Christ said: Nothing is hidden which shall remain hidden !

    Jesus Christ is Lord !!!

  5. The zoomed picture shows its triangle shaped ship called TR3B or TR3A
    (manned or unmanned). I dont know what hour it is, but in Paris most people
    party or buy in this district all the time so, no surprise almost no one
    watched. There is enough evdence UFO exists, just what we dont know is if
    they are aliens or human made secret agenda ships derived from 2nd War
    Hitler ships taken by US government. Assuming the Ockham Razor rule and the
    fact they had 60 years with greatest minds of world, starting with Tesla
    and his patents and Rotschild, its pretty obvious its human made, but not
    for the rest of us. The engine is based on the Biefeld-Brown effect. Its
    being charged by small nuclear reactors inside, so thats why they cannot
    disclose it, cause flying with such ships worlwide its kinda illegal. It
    cost alot to buy mercury and use plutonium to sustain reactor and MFD and
    it needs to be hidden in the budget, military one, called black budget. Why
    do they fly around? Cause they can. Wouldn’t you fly? Would you say that to
    anyone? Now. As You know there are agents in many places hidden too. Such
    also fly in those ships and are the descendants of the past well known star
    wars program, protecting our civilisation from 3rd World War and other
    harsh catastrophies like asteroids and nukes. Sometimes you can see them
    intervene disabling such. You can find more information how to build such
    ship on the Facebook website called «UFO I want to believe». I publish the
    video there of your UFO too.

  6. As with others like this one, I have to wonder why you do not see more of
    the bottom of the craft — it seems completely perpendicular to the camera.
    And at one point you see a glint of sunlight reflecting off of the top.
    Seems unlikely that it would be at such an angle relative to the camera. 

  7. Keep your eyes to the skies! Prepare for the Landings! And this is my
    opinion only. I do not wish to get into a debate because I only wish to
    spread Love and create Unity. Peace and Love to all <3 Namaste~

  8. looks like a TR3B when it’s in slow motion mode but it’s weird that nobody
    else filmed it i guess it’s cuz it’s the weekend and La Défense is pretty
    empty these days even tho the xmas market seems to be live.

    Might get more footage uploaded during the week, hopefully.

  9. Hard to fathom why no other photos or video has surfaced.Going by the
    video of the object passing a multi story building you would think
    something as large as this object and is clearly travelling unusually slow,
    was not captured on film by any one else that day??

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