Anomalous common law

Daniel Hannan MEP addressing the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg.
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Anomalous common law: 10 комментариев

  1. Every time you post a video you seem to be standing in an empty room
    rehearsing an incredibly eloquent speech, yet there’s no one in that room
    that gives a damn or will act upon anything you say regardless of how well
    thought out or eloquent. If your objective is to make the changes you
    advocate, why continue to act in a way that is clearly not successful at
    achieving those objectives?

  2. Few in the chamber understand what Daniel is saying not because of his
    vocabulary but because they don’t want to understand. Our notions of
    individual liberty get in the way.

  3. True words. Also why Britain works best with its’ former colonies — from
    Contracts and Torts to corporations law everything is smoother in our trade
    and diplomacy, because we are similar in Law and share similar principles
    regarding the application of the law to a given situation. As opposed to
    the inquisitional system on the Continent.

  4. All parliaments allow the backbenchers to state their opinions and concerns
    on the record. Often this is done after the party heads have had their say
    and have knocked off to lunch, which inevitably leads the vast majority of
    MPs to leave as well. You only stay if you have something to say. This is
    true of the US, the UK and elsewhere. Dan isn’t really speaking to the
    other MEPs, he’s speaking to us. He’s using his 1 minute at the pulpit to
    eloquently reach out to the masses.

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