Anomalous light the night sky in Snezhinsk, Russia September 2, 2012.

Anomalous light the night sky in Snezhinsk, Russia September 2, 2012.

This is not the sunrise and the light of the moon. This is not light pollution from city lights. At the point from which a glow, is a forest! The sky glows b…

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Anomalous light the night sky in Snezhinsk, Russia September 2, 2012.: 25 комментариев

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  2. i see this phenomenon in central ,illinois(usa) and its not city light,ive
    checked it out.not sure whats causing the sky to glow in the west/nw late
    at night..and its not the moon or sun..watched the sky for along time.If i
    had an airplane i would like to get up in the air and take a look at the
    sky from that vantage point.

  3. where i live there is big factory which works with steel(melt it,build
    stuff and all that)about 20 km away…and when they melt it they open the
    roofs because of the heat, and theeenn it looks like this the half of the
    night..and there is a forest between me and this other city..when we was
    kids we tought the sky is burning or something like the city is burnin but
    now its normal because they do it 1 or 2 times a week.sry for my english
    its not my first language and its a lil hard to describe

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  5. Нечто падобное видел и у нас в самом челябинске ЧМЗ .Над лесом.Да кстати
    обратите внимание на ник залившего видео , яб ему непаверил.

  6. Вы сказали,что это по всей России.Есть видео других случаев? Я думаю,что
    этому должно быть объяснение какое то.

  7. Это вроде из за активности солнца, че то типо северного сияния! Радиация
    солнца в верхних слоях атмосферы!

  8. I can report the same phenomena. Happening here from time to time. Also no
    city lights pollution, no sun rising or going down. Didn’t give it that
    much attention though… till now. Next time i see it — i’ll record it.

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  12. I believe there’s something in the sky, and its huge. Even in the day we
    can see the horizons GREATLY brighter then the rest of the sky… Or even
    how sometimes the «Sun» gets really really bright to the point where people
    are told to stay in their homes but yet the temp doesn’t change, but im
    pretty sure the uv was going up to a dangerous level

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