CHAP. LXXII. Adam’s heart is set on fire. THEN Satan, and ten from his hosts, transformed themselves into maidens, unlike any others in the whole world for g…

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  1. I tried to estimate the weight of my triangular rig using 1mm thick 80mm x
    80mm cupper plates they will be fastened together through their central
    hole 20 mm dia. using a ceramic cylinder stub with a 8mm hole to be
    fastenned to the insulated rig by nuts & bolts. My triangular frame is made
    of 2″ x 2″ C-Channel aluminum bar. The 9-pcs of commercial capacitors to be
    used in Tesla-Edwin Gray Radiant energy circuit already weigh 6 kgs & the
    SEG set is about 10 Kgs. I think the whole rig would weigh between 250 to
    300 Kgs. In Aerodynamics this rig will never fly. 

  2. The whole platform must have not only one layer of capacitor array set. It
    must have 2nd, 3rd & 4rth layer (min 4 layers with dielectric material
    shielding in between layers).

    Each layer can be remotely energized by an independent remotely controlled
    onboard switch sets. You can use remotely controlled onboard servos to
    mechanically activate the swithches. These servos are connected to an
    onboard 9 channel-electronic receiver using high frequency crystal (this
    R/C system is available at your local hobby shop).

    This anti-gravity platform must be equipped with an independently
    controlled onboard oscillator circuit (my brother is an electronic
    technician & he use to create this circuit using a blank PCB). By
    controlling the onboard rheostat in the cuicuit you can remotely calibrate
    the oscillation frequency to gradually step down the levitation power of
    the Searl Effect Generator.

    I’m not claiming that my ideas would be feasible. But I’ve already done
    plenty of research regarding antigravity subjects. I have CAD drawing
    concepts regarding the circuitry of the platform test bed.

    Mr. Miguel, you seem to have considerable understanding of the antigravity
    subject (s). I would propose that we could compare notes and ideas if only
    you would provide me your email address or any means for me to contact you.
    I think you are savy enough to extract my email address when I comment on
    your youtube blog.

    I’m actually a Pilipino, right now working as CAD designer/operator for a
    construction company at King Abdulasis University of Science & Technology
    (KAUST) in Thuwal Rabbigh in Kingdom of Saudi Arrabia. I have a degree in
    Aeronautics Engineering from the Philippines (not in Electrodynamics). But
    I’m really interested in the subject of antigravity.

    Cheers, have a good day.


  3. The Townsend Brown levitation experiment regarding vertical levitation
    makes use of upper cupper sheet (+) anode, under it was a dielectric
    separator (nonconductive material impregnated with parafin) and beneath
    this dielectric was a sheet of (-) cathode cupper with lesser area. The
    whole setup is an example of a capacitor with high potential difference. If
    you charge these two cupper plates according to their charge designation
    will cause the whole setup to physically move towards the positive
    direction. In this case levitate from the ground. Now we already have the
    means to positively charge the anode cupper plate by using the Tesla-Edwin
    Gray positive radiant energy circuit.

    The negative cathode cupper (lower) plate will be charged by Searl Effect
    Generator (a fix magnetic gyrocell) that is known to produce high negative
    charge and will turn to superconductive state when you draw more & more
    energy from it by induction coils. The SEG device once in this state will
    produce a localize gravity field around it including everything that is
    connected to this Searl Effect Generator (in this case the whole craft
    including the anode Cu plate, the dielectric sheet & the cathode Cu plate &
    the Tesla-Edwin Gray circuit and the whole rig that hold these three
    systems will be forcefully lifted from the ground.

    Now the cupper plates capacitors must be in multiple sets and fastened one
    plate width distance from each set along the rim of the circular rig
    platform (actually even a triangular platform will do). Inbetween each set
    must be a dielectric wall divider to prevent arcing of charges bet. lateral
    capacitor sets. The platform should be lined by sufficient dielectric
    materials to prevent short circuiting of the capacitor plates.

    The cupper capacitor plates will be used to levitate the platform as well
    as control the directional orientation of the levitating platform. If you
    charge the capacitor plate sets at the rear of the platform (greater than
    the capacitor sets charge at the front) will cause the platform to zoom
    forward. You can do this by remotely controling an onboard switch set or a

  4. The Edwin Vincent Gray Repulsive motor operates on Tesla principle where
    the positive charge is being split in the circuit by means of spark gap
    with spark duration of not more than 100 micro-second. This would cause the
    cold positive charge to be radiated from the spark- gap to nearby
    perforated cupper cylinder(s). The cupper cylinder(s) would collect up to
    +100Kv of positive charge and any thing connected to the cupper cylinders
    would be highly positive charged.

  5. I think torsion fields are involved in this which are a high spin field.
    This would comply with your theory, but as far as i understand the mercury
    helps the electrons spin up to the speed of light using the mercury, To
    acheive this the motor could not use conventional electronic switches which
    would be too slow. So I think some kind of electonic timer would be needed
    to reach these speeds or some kind of analogue system. The rodent system
    would seem to comply with this.

  6. Hey your stealing my ideas jk! Very good subject! I believe Russian or US
    gov. already have this technology but they keep it secret! But I always
    wanted to know if it is possible to make an anti-gravity controlled flying
    objects! Like the flying saucers I believe Nazis tried to make some kind of
    anti-gravity saucers but they had no chance and time to make them work
    right! I believe this stuff is possible and all free open minded Scientist
    around the world should come together n make it happen

  7. Maybe this is how people of Baalbek and of Egypt and Greece moved huge big
    blocks of stones to its places while building Pyramids and floor
    foundations of the temple for their Idol Gods, they probably used some kind
    of anti-gravity technology that Sons of God teached them to do it, In Bible
    it says that some kind of Sons of God came down to earth and took human
    females as their wives and bare children from them, these were mighty men,
    men of old men of renown.

  8. whats more dumb someone who believes aliens would come to this shit hole of
    a planet or that these crafts were made here and an alien cover up has been
    used to keep this top secret and the government doesn’t have to lie when
    they say » We do not have any alien technology of any kind». People always
    think the government is lieing to them, why would the people think any less
    when they are telling the truth.

  9. Maybe these Sons of men are the ones that tough people about the technology
    because in the Book of Job it says that these Sons of God tough their wives
    magic, cutting of roots, Astrology also how to mine metal to make swords
    and shields,also how to chant and un chant magic and other things that God
    forbids people to do, Thats why God cursed them and sent his great flood
    upon the earth and only saved the sinless ones, Noah and his family! n all
    animals! God made a promise not to flood the world!

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