BANNED — Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51

BANNED - Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51

Detailed video coming soon DISCLAIMER: (This is not my theory! Let’s be clear on that.) View at your own risk. I am presenting what was sent to me and presented to me as the back story. Real,…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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BANNED — Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51: 50 комментариев

  1. BANNED — Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51 DSW74 Detailed analysis
    coming soon Exclusive BANNED — Secret UFO Footage Smuggled Out Of Area 51
    DSW74 Exclusive

  2. If you look closely at the bottom right you will see the date. This is VHS
    footage from 02-07-1989 The sender said he made a digital copy of the
    footage as VHS degrades. I will say that I was told they were leaking it to
    me in connection with the PIC chamber for those who have seen my previous
    video PIC (Pressurized Ion Chamber) Located in Rachel Nevada. It Monitors
    Gamma Radiation. It is said in the bio sent with the video that the PIC is
    there to do just what I said. Monitor the Exhaust i.e radiation and other
    contaminants in the local air. More to come in the main

  3. Classified: What The Hell Lives On The Moon NASA, What Did Our Astronauts
    Really see Classified: What The Hell Lives On The Moon NASA, What Did Our
    Astronauts Really see

    (When you land on a Moon that is supposed to be empty and lifeless, why
    would you say («We Came In Peace?») Darkskywatcher August 2014) — So often
    I am asked if I think we went to the Moon. If it was real or hoax, what did
    they really go for? It is to hard to just answer that question with words
    so here it is from my mind to your screen. My thoughts on the Apollo
    missions made from an archive of stock footage & some of the best clips out
    there to give you this amazing visual representation of what I think
    happened. YOU DECIDE! «Enjoy This Epic Ride», if you miss this one ,
    well…..YOU JUST MISSED. Is this FAKE? Guess you have to decide the same
    way you have to decide if we went there in the first place. YOURSELF!
    Either was I hope I made you think about the Apollo Events and the
    conspiracy around them + wasn’t it cool to watch? Darkskywatcher ~ Open
    your mind but think for yourself.

  4. Area 52 is USAF, not NASA. And you really think such a project, if it
    existed, would be filmed out of focus on grainy film with a hand held
    camera. Idiotic UFO true believer bullshit, easily falsified by anyone with
    an ounce of scepticism.

  5. Wow now if we cud get an insider to tell us what’s really goin on. What do
    the aliens want, what is the truth on their involvement with our past/DNA,
    what about Niburu, ect.?

  6. the audio is of a naval radio communication…or other branch..
    tango..alpha ..sierra..(or whatever it was garbled) with message
    follows…sounds very familiar to me i served as a radioman on a SSBN and
    this sounded like the authentication message you get before you received a
    voice communication over an encrypted broadcast (if i remember right)

  7. The only reason this is still up is they want it up… There has been a
    flux in the system of u.f.o’s on the mainstream. They are getting ready for
    a big reveal ;). This ISIS thing isn’t working out to well so its time to
    bring in the big guns for help.

  8. I’m sorry to disappoint the believers, but this looks like a picture of
    Area 51 being filmed on a screen with someone shining a light across it to
    look like a UFO. It looks just like the faked Jerusalem UFO video which was
    made in exactly the same way as this. I had that one sussed from the start.

  9. Dsw74 Ive been talking in length with other people in the know…. And it
    has come to my attention that this is not an exclusive clip sent directly
    to you ???? and more to the point that it could well be a fake , Im a bit
    baffled as this is very much unlike you and not your usual work ??? whats
    going on ???

  10. It is widely known that the gov. has the technology to build UFOs and that
    Area 51 has long been used as a testing/training ground for them. The UFO
    videos that REALLY matter are the ones from outer space, since we have yet
    to enter that domain.

  11. This video is a FAKE. In analyzing the video it can be determined that
    there are 3 distinct and independent video layers. 1) The panoramic
    backplate of Area 51 2) The «orbs» animation layer 3) The NASA 51 Watermark
    overlay. The key giveaway is in the NASA 51 watermark. If you pay attention
    it ENLARGES and MOVES independently of the video behind it and it moves
    with the obvious characteristics of 2D animation used in programs like
    Adobe After Effects, where the «key frames» of the 2D animation use an
    interpolation called «linear» key framing. This characteristic of movement
    makes it look very different from camera zooms and manual movements that
    can be attributed to handheld filming. The video is made in a way to make
    the viewer think it’s being filmed off a computer/tv monitor using a
    handheld device such as a video camera or cell phone, but the camera
    movement and handheld shake also have telltale 2D animation characteristics
    of «linear» key framing. If it were real the watermark movement and scale
    would match precisely with the video backplate. The
    government/millitary/NASA use state of the art motion tracking cameras that
    lock on to a target and follow the flight path with tremendous zoom
    capabillities, much like you would see in a missile test, shuttle launch,
    or in footage like the now famous Nellis Test Range footage from 1994 that
    captured an actual UFO. The cameras are designed to lock on and track
    movement at high speeds and at distances of as much as miles away. If you
    wanted to replicate this video you would start with a high-res panoramic
    still image of Area 51. Next you create the «orb» animation and flight path
    across the image, something that can very easily be done. The orbs are
    essentially white dots that don’t change in dimension or shape and don’t
    require realistic light refraction like a metallic object would. The 3 dots
    are animated in 3D on top of the 2D backplate using After Effects. Then the
    image is enlarged to zoom into a small region around the orbs and the fake
    camera movement and shake is created using key frames. Finally the FAKER
    made the mistake of overlaying the NASA 51 watermark on top of the
    composited «orbs» animation and then degraded the finished video using one
    of many very simple techniques to make the video look worn or aged. Further
    evidence of FAKERY lies in the lack of video artifacting present in the
    video. In 1989 there was no HD video available and even the
    government/millitary was still using SD (Standard Definition) video for
    internal distribution and playback. Even footage shot on film was
    transferred to video for review and distribution, and the film master reels
    were only stored for archive purposes. This FAKE video does not include any
    video «de-interlacing» that would be present on SD video footage that was
    digitally copied, transferred, or encoded from tape, which would most
    certainly be the storage medium of choice in 1989. There are more things
    wrong with this video but those are the biggest red flags. As much as I
    would love for this to be real, after having analyzed the video in detail,
    I can say with certainty that its a FAKE. The video/compositing/animation
    work in this video is amateur at best. I will not be responding to any
    comments on my comments, I offer my analysis AS IS and I do not feel any
    obligation to present my qualifications or proof of expertise in anything I
    wrote. Take it or leave it, I’m merely posting this for the benefit of my
    fellow UFO BELIEVERS that do not have the knowledge of the video
    compositing, 2D animation, special effects that I have acquired. UFO’S ARE

  12. This video was made by a guy named TheFakingHoaxer on youtube. He took it
    down tho… Probably so he could send it out and get a good laugh LOL. This
    shit is faker than spray on tan… Made with After Effects haha

  13. those scumbags at R* should release heists soon, because thats the DLC they
    announced Before the game released…. they keep bringing out unnanounced
    DLC now…. its just annoying

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