BBC UFO Documentary * They Are Waiting Alien Mysteries * Full HD New 2015

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BBC UFO Documentary * They Are Waiting Alien Mysteries * Full HD New 2015: 24 комментария

  1. Right, that’s it, from now on I’m flagging and reporting all these idiots
    uploading content claiming it’s a BBC production, just to get hits and in
    turn hit revenue. If we all do this they will get booted off youtube and
    they need to learn the hard way. Just be honest with the title, no need to
    lie and con others!

  2. When they say BBC Documentary, they mean…
    crappy American cable channel
    When they say new, they mean…
    made years ago
    When they say 2015, they mean…
    any year that is not 2015

  3. Keep your Goddamn secrets military.. What pisses me off is the threats..
    Shoot to kill orders.. Who the fuck does the military work for.. HUMAN
    military.. Would kill your own for this shit.. That’s what pisses me off! I
    know their there anyways.. 

  4. I wonder why all these trolls make their pathetic, boring comments instead
    of GOING SMEWHERE ELSE? It’s a good vid — don’t know if it is BBC or not.
    GO AWAY loser trolls ——————cheers!

  5. Hey guys, I need some advise. I recorded a video of an UFO I saw the other
    night. It’s on my channel if you want to see it. Does anyone have
    suggestions of what I should do now? Who should I send it to?

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