Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape — FREE MOVIE

Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape - FREE MOVIE

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Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. I seen that biilding sized ufo up closer and that thing on its left hand
    side was expelling vapors and it was larg to the parts that was showing in
    this video was a true acount I seen the much larger part thats unseen in
    this video meing maskt over like stelth but I could still see its outlines
    it was like watching a sky scraper in the sky with very larg windows and
    with very larg figures inside it I watched it for about fourty minuts befor
    I slowly walkt on into my town and I eventryed to wake up my bother who
    stayed on the same street befor I lookt again for the third time it was
    away I am still in shock fromits unusual site shape and size that was
    hovering almost motionless and I know what it was looking onto was a army
    nuclear bass that posses as a gass bass that our army trains on and near
    and it was not taking any notis of me but I still had a very unnerving
    feeling that I was a disturbance to it for what ever it was interested in
    was not me but I did feel like they wanted me to go away when I seen
    figures at the windows I stood watching it in total did belief and I even
    kickt myself several times and I know we are being watched by aliens now
    and it scares me from there sizes of them and there machines

  2. I seen the israeli ufo that was the size of a masiv building for almost a
    full hour walking on a road between my town and the town my friend’s stay
    in there was people inside the opace glass and they were big

  3. Paranormal activity is the connection. The UFO community need to take an
    interest in The Holy BIBLE, there are a few clues in there that go back to
    creation and has allot to do with the end of the age. The increase in UFO
    phenomena is building up to the deception that is coming our way. As it was
    in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man Matt
    24-37. One of many deceptions that will come including extra terrestrial
    confirmation (one of satans ploys to undermine the truth of creation) will
    play a significant part of the overall deception.
    New age doctrine in the world`s media and the world religions adds to the
    so called phenomena. Now there is also a trans human agenda with
    experimentation. This is a last days shameful practice that is highly
    secretive and has come into the limelight, is confirmation that not only
    will fulfill prophecy but history will repeat itself.
    They will be cast out of heaven during the last days and do what is their
    last business. (before they are locked up for a 1000yrs to be let out for a
    short while just before to the Great White Throne Judgement.) This has yet
    to become part of the great deception and the terrible last days terrible
    violence on earth as in the days of Noah, that will be repeated for a short
    Fallen Angels, the fall and the spite of satan, because he knows his time
    is finite, is a hater and spiter of God till the end. His best weapon is
    deception so that His elect will miss the mark and not come by purified
    The origins of extra terrestrial activity go back to Noah with the angels
    offspring the nephilem and the havoc they caused to the human and animal
    gene pool. In The book Enoch the skill and knowledge of these offspring
    practiced advanced technology way beyond the ancient civilization and
    colluded with the watchers or fallen angels by visitation from above. They
    caused havoc to the human race and animals, caused war and greed,
    perversion and destruction and ultimately vandalised creation by
    impregnation of man and beast, purely to spite God.
    Then there was the flood.
    The 200 fallen angels had stepped out of line and had crossed the line by
    going beyond what was agreed that they could do legitimately. They were
    permitted to influence mankind through temptation and leading them astray
    and to sift them to win their souls from God. NOT to come into contact with
    mankind or even impregnate them. So they were punished ahead of time by
    being imprisoned in the abyss.
    The nephilem giants where destroyed and became the demons that remain on
    the earth and have worked with satan to encourage idolatry and magical
    practices and interaction that God forbids.
    LOOK they know their time is very short now and you NEED to know the truth.
    Stop being distracted by their activity there is much more to this world
    and where it is going, than this UFO agenda.
    THE ANSWER IS SPIRITUAL not this smoke screen being put up by God`s and
    your enemies.
    Remember satan is using this agenda to divert you from finding the Truth.
    REMEMBER this is not satan`s main trump card, it is just one of his
    channels to put you off finding Jesus.
    THE BIGGEST DECEPTION is religion and what the enemies of God have done to
    just to put you off, just believing in God. Religion is the main trump card
    of the enemy this is the one that will get most of you.
    Religion throughout world history has become the ocean of belief systems
    based on myths and legend has become a dilemma for all seeking the truth.
    Even the one true religion itself has become darkened by man`s greedy
    sinful nature who have followed the ways of the world (culture) and the
    ways of man`s weak flesh have left a residue of untruth, injustice,
    corruption and bitterness. EVEN IN THE CHURCHES themselves there is much
    deception by moving away from Scripture. The ultimate smoke screen today
    obscures the Truth. Wide is the road to hell etc: Matt 7-13 : Enter through
    the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to
    destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14″For the gate is
    small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find
    Because fallen man is easily manipulated and corrupt in his sinful nature.

    THE PURPOSE FOR THE CREATION OF MANKIND: God is building a family His own
    family. He created us so we can have a special Father-child relationship
    with Him. God plans to bestow His immortality on us. As Paul explains,
    «this perishable body must be clothed with the imperishable, and what is
    mortal with immortality» (1 Corinthians:15:53, REB). God wants an eternal
    relationship with us as His children.

    These few words summarize what God wants in His relationship with people.
    Notice the two aspects of God’s simple statement.
    First He expresses His desire that we acknowledge and accept Him as the
    Supreme Being. Then He expresses His desire to associate with us to have a
    relationship with those who accept Him as their God.
    Once we understand God desires a relationship with us, we should more than
    ever recognize we truly need Him. The apostle Paul reminds us: «There is no
    question of our having sufficient power in ourselves: we cannot claim
    anything as our own. The power we have comes from God» (2 Corinthians:3:5,
    Revised English Bible).

    No other god or religion.

  4. That light on the far right side is not a star thats the other part of the
    size of that ufo i seen it masking its size and shape its colossal thats a
    light on the far right side and there is other lights way down below whats
    visible on the video thats shown 

  5. youtube vid ‘Britains closest UFO encounters’ is amazing with police being
    abducted & British coroner speaking out about mysterious burn death…well
    worth watching

  6. Common sense rule: The immense distances involved ensures that any ET is on
    a one way mission. The nearest earth like planet is 55 light years away.
    Thats 1,350,000 years one way. If an alien being if intelligent would NOT
    spend a lifetime just to die at our planet. Lights in the sky at a distance
    dont make them UFOs. Remember we havent proved they even exist.

  7. This subject is so far removed from ‘controversial’ at this stage; the
    evidence is now overwhelming, more than 60 years down the track! The REAL
    controversy is simply…
    WHERE are they travelling from?? 

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