Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape — FREE MOVIE

Updated and expansion of popular TV Special never available on DVD with new exclusive UFO footage and analysis.

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Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. Thanks for checking out our videos! Check out our video about a group of
    mediums and scientists that together have witnessed more phenomena than any
    other experiment in the history of the paranormal including: recorded
    conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of
    spirit faces and even spirit forms!

  2. our civilization,has been compared as,
    ants are to us,
    as we would be to aliens.
    just uninteresting,and too small a form of life to bother trying to
    communicate with,
    regardless if I were an alien OR an earthling,
    if i were to come across an ant 6 feet tall,200 pounds
    and had a plan and an attitude,
    i would be somewhat curios,if not concerned to say the least

  3. That one with lights in the center is the same as I saw in ’76 with my boss
    on Miami Toll road. It was completely still except for the center which
    revolved with colored lit windows.

  4. Most sightings are over some type of military installation, the films are
    mostly blurry and shaky, UFOs are always of different shapes and sizes and
    often moving at impossible speeds while making impossible turns. I said
    impossible because their movement defy the laws of physics. Most notably is
    Newton’s principles of motion of how objects move — inertia. What about the
    friction of the objects to the atmosphere? You know what happens when
    objects enter the atmosphere at high speeds don’t you? Could it be they’re
    not objects at all but images? Besides, if that isn’t enough to arouse
    suspicion just ask yourself, or someone else, why are governments so silent
    on an issue which if it were based on reality should cause enough alarm
    that all applicable resources would be used to confront any danger, or at
    least to make some type of contact? So , I ask you, why not see the
    obvious, that it’s a hoax perpetrated by the military as cover for testing
    weapons and aircraft? We know it because they’ve admitted it in the past.
    The question should be, how do they do it?
    Well, it’s really not all that difficult if you take into consideration the
    advancements in lasers, optics, holography, which equals, laser optic
    holograms beamed up to the atmosphere. For what purpose? Let’s just imagine
    the psychological affect of seeing a figure of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in
    the sky on a group of, let’s say, Islamic fighters battling Christians.
    This is only a scenario, if not the best, I use to make my point for the
    validity of such experiments. I just don’t believe that the phenomena of
    the UFO is simply explained as extra terrestrials not because it can happen
    but because the proof is just too shaky.

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