Best UFO Mass Eyewitness Interviews Shocking Footage From Around The World! Top Skype Interviews!

Incredible Footage and Interviews from Eyewitness from around the World! 13 of the Best Skypes From Thirdhaseofmoon! If you have captured anything amazing in…
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Best UFO Mass Eyewitness Interviews Shocking Footage From Around The World! Top Skype Interviews!: 25 комментариев

  1. Sundog for sure. That is a UFO without question on the rim. Kinda laughing
    at the people that refuse to believe and everyone who thinks everything is
    a satellite or a Chinese lantern. Sorry bumbs some of this is very real.

  2. Adopting us? Haha. One of the area 51 whistleblowers says the aliens were
    trying to move the leaders sons soul into his body because the son was
    dying. He is the guy that said he pushed a grey or jrod into the stargate
    so he could go Home and see his other son before he died. This soul
    transfer is completely possible but one of the parties involved will die
    without a soul. The alien will keep the soul and the human will Never get a
    shot at Heaven.

  3. What is it about this guy that just bugs me. The phoney tone of his voice
    I guess. It is so damn annoying and he does have some interesting stuff.

  4. Act2:19 And I will show wonders(FLEETs) in the heaven above(SKY), And signs
    on the earth beneath(CROP CIRCLES);Mat24:24 and shall show great
    signs(UFOs) and WONDERS ; Luk21:11 and there shall be terrors and great
    signs(UFOs) from heaven(SKY)25 And there shall be SIGNS in sun and moon and
    stars;Jer10:2 saith Jehovah, be not dismayed at the SIGNS of
    heaven(SKY);Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, Jehovah will come with fire, and his
    CHARIOT(UFO) shall be like the whirlwind;

  5. Also, I would try to be friendly to visiting extraterrestrials if they are
    not showing any threatening behaviors. Otherwise, I would defend myself.

  6. In the era of HD cameras you still have this shit…my phone puts out
    better quality. If you’re going to post UFO videos TPOM, make sure the
    quality is actually viewable.

    Also, stop posting bullshit hoaxes…

  7. This has a couple things that look interesting. But there are a couple that
    look fake as fuck. Like the one from that kid with that fake ass name
    Polish Nob! He could Polish my nob! 

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