Best UFO Sighting Of 2014 UFO It’s Going To Be An Amazing Year!

Best UFO Sighting Of 2014 UFO It’s Going To Be An Amazing Year! Tucson Arizona «James» Captures Massive Mothership Or Fireworks Display? Audio Muted Due To E…

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Best UFO Sighting Of 2014 UFO It’s Going To Be An Amazing Year!: 24 комментария

  1. Blake I’ve researching ufo’s since 1980’s and half the videos u guys post
    on here are fake, some are real, I think u bead to to research yursrlf,

  2. I’ve had enough of this meaningless jumping diffuse «lights», which seems
    tpo be made with a lighter flame and an old mobil phone camera. I cancell
    my subscription 

  3. people ets are real although some of these could possibly be ordinary
    planes and have a explanation.They do exist,today 9/9/14 I saw one and lost
    my skeptism for ufos.Unfortantely i wasnt able to record it on my phone
    because i so busy trying to point out to my mom and seeing if i was really
    seeing what i saw.But they are real guys, im pretty sure people would see
    one if they took a minute to look at beautiful mother earth like i did
    lookin at the really close&huge moon tonight.And ppl get off

  4. That’s actually against the law. Meaning to try to communicate with UFO’s
    even though they won’t disclose the information and they keep lying and
    their way is to deny, but it is definitely against the law to engage. Look
    it up if you must. Please be careful, for you do not know what or who you
    are excited to see, meet, and greet.

  5. You know if you don’t know what it is don’t point a damn lazer at it !!!
    What do you think , it’s not gon come to you and if it’s a plane you can
    make it crash cos you blind pilots

  6. A great, magnificent UFO craft. Beautiful and multicolored. Irrefutable
    presences on our skies.
    They are not from our World, ’cause they exist in the heavens, in the
    skies above, all over and over the Deep Outer Space, and there are
    over there magnificent UFO structures that might have been made by some
    very intelligent mind who also knows Gometry and thinks matematically
    and using geometric andarithmetic terms and patterns.
    Thanks for sharing so much, ThirdFaseOfTheMoon.

  7. I have not EVER read ONE skeptic’s comment who makes any sense at all. They
    are ALL retarded, and I can easily beat their ass in any debate regarding
    this topic!!! I challenge ANYONE who doesn’t understand the truth about
    aliens and their craft. I am not stating this video is real, but the shit
    has to end now.
    ANY of you RETARD skeptics come out and get your stupid brains splattered
    to the reality because I know that no amount of evidence will ever satisfy
    you because you are all, in fact, morons who do not know anything other
    than to argue what you believe like it’s a religion!!!

  8. If this is real, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. NOT doubting authenticity,
    I’m just very cynical/cautious of internet vids, as we see everyday what
    Film makers can CGI, only takes a worker with access to processors to do
    same/similar. Hard to believe eyes/brain these days, then imagine what the
    biggest scammers/fakers/criminals of all have! The Secret Agencies must
    have some far fetched equipment in daily use.

    I hope it is real, and they come back to see you some more, unless as I
    believe 85-90% of them are man made, only a smaller amount being
    off-worlders. Just MY personal research/opinion though, don’t shoot

  9. Wtf does it even matter? The Government doesn’t give a fuck about the
    people! It says it’s national security, but it’s basically job security!
    They steal data, kill for secrets, suppress the public, hide evil when it’s
    present, suppress GODS will. Try to trade mark ancient faith crosses.
    Intimidate the public from the truth, the public jokes! Wtf does the public
    know now? Fear from the societies that hide it for 50 year for knowledge
    and power. When in reality GOD is free to learn and teach what not to do!
    The people are ignorant to the will of life and the connection of the holly
    ghost! Why is it I open my mouth and I’m still here! I am Abel, read up on
    the bible and get checked! Don’t get took! Because if you betray me? I
    might just send you straight to fucking HELL! 

  10. What’s with this retarded clown and his flashlight? Is he seriously
    attempting communication with a blimp? Stupid dufus, go out and at least
    have a half-assed attempt at getting laid. Problem is, if the fair maidens
    get even a whiff at the crap you’re filming, buddy you and your right hand
    are going to be very happy together. Incredible that
    thirdphisssstingintheassss shows this rubbish, but then maybe not

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