Best UFO Sightings 1st half of 2014, Video HD

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Best UFO Sightings 1st half of 2014, Video HD: 25 комментариев

  1. Are you F — ing kidding me? Trying to find familiar shapes in rock
    outcroppings is childish, unprofessional and downright idiotic. The other
    stuff is compelling, but saying there are ancient statues or petrified
    squirrels or lizards on Mars is just stupid. Let Waring make an ass out of
    himself, and stay off his bandwagon. You’re diluting an otherwise
    interesting video.

  2. Those are merely demonic manifestations of light thru different levels of
    our atmosphere and are not actual physical crafts that one could touch, nor
    are they from other planets in our galaxy or other galaxies. I hope that
    cleared things up a bit? 

  3. My opinion is that when a few actually good and unexplainable photos and
    videos are grouped together with obvious birds, planes, etc., it undermines
    the credibility of all the alleged sightings. Here’s my take on these:
    :15 meteor in Mars atmosphere
    :40 meteor in Earth atmosphere
    1:25 it’s just a rock. There are dozens of rocks right here that can be
    interpreted as having «faces» or looking like any number of things.
    1:56 camera artifact
    2:40 lightning? How could this be taken as a UFO?
    3:19 Hey! This one’s good! MAYBE CG but this is what I’m talking about
    as being unexplainable.
    4:14 not enough detail for meaningful speculation
    5:21, 5:35 pretty white bird
    6:00 best one here. Looks like a flying saucer to me!
    6:35 lights in the sky. So….?
    7:10 white dots? not enough detail for meaningful speculation
    8:20 bird. blurry bird, but a bird
    8:55 first impression and best guess is a plane
    10:00 «giant UFO sphere»: camera lens artifact. «2 black UFOs»: 2 black
    10:20 camera lens artifact
    10:38 lens artifact, lens artifact, lens artifact

  4. I am know longer subscribing to this channel because most the stuff on
    here is laughable shit no real evidence what so ever most footage comes
    from clips of this and that its a con

  5. Some interesting shots. The last two, I say, are sun spot on lense and
    plane or helicopter (didn’t see enough to tell). I just got back from two
    weeks in a condo on Gulf coast. I watched the sky’s every night and saw
    tons of those lights. If they’re coming straight at you, the light looks
    stationary for long periods of time and shift colours. Then all of a sudden
    it seems to come alive and look nad sound like a plane.

    As a qualifier, no one wants everything to be an alien encounter more than
    me. If something «looks» like it may be something we’re very accustomed to
    but a bit off, it most likely would be that something you’re familiar with,
    i.e.: plane, helicopter, balloon etc.

    We’ll know when something is definitely not from our current «knowledge
    pool». Some at the beginning of this film for example.

    At the end of the day, whether they be friend or foe or just our kids
    playing with toys, someone sure has some phenomenal toys!!


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