Best UFO Sightings Fall 2014 Video Countdown!

In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV, in the Fall Season of 2014. Come…

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Best UFO Sightings Fall 2014 Video Countdown!: 25 комментариев

  1. Fuck I hate the Skrillex tunes on here, it’s very annoying. At least I
    think it’s Skrillex. If it isn’t then it’s a close rip off. On a lighter
    note these videos are friggin’ good. I typed too soon… I found out it’s
    TeknoAXE …. it’s mute button time. The only good thing I can say is at
    least it’s not gangster rap… now that stuff is scary.

  2. Reactions:

    0:36 hmm looks similar to the object sighted in may with several spiny
    projections out of the hull could it be from the race/etc

    1:20 *sighs* the classic disk ALWAYS WATCHING.

    3:03 strange the disk seems very visible however is above the clouds this
    thing must be pretty large

    5:31 SPACE WORM? idk what to say here folks idk how this shape would be
    optimal for space travel but no judging aliens
    9:50 strange lights if they are interconnected on one object then said
    object is pretty massive

    11:30 the object seems to have a light on its front perhaps a spot light or
    if we are viewing the back then an engine idk

    12:17 hmm this triangle shaped object seems to spin as it descends very

    15:47 what has the french so rowdy could it be the 3 alien craft buzzing
    the tower? it seems the city of lights is attracting lights

    18:04 mystery lights all over space

    24:38 them lights what if they came from one craft!

    27:36 must be pretty big to be seen over the mountains like that

  3. I’m a UFO buff from way back. love your site. but I just don’t buy the ones
    that are snowflake shaped or look to (sci-fi cool) I mean they never looked
    like that back in the day so my guess is they are CGI fake, looks like
    someone trying really hard to make it look cool. all the geometric shapes
    are unnecessary and an intelligent race would know that . especially since
    they never used those designs before… so why start now? you might say
    (design evolution) but somehow I don’t think «looking cool» is something
    they are worried about and they have been at the top of their game for
    centuries, improvements are most likely unnecessary.

  4. Awesome range of UFO sightings, Rick. Keep bringing us fans MORE sightings
    during 2015. The authorities ignore UFO sightings, but we know that
    something serious is going on up in the skies.

  5. Great vid so far! This just came out live because i was watching something
    else and it popped up! Someone thumbed it down and they could not possibly
    have watched it that fast when it went live. LOL The jealous haters love
    you! Keep killing them with millions of views. Nice!! Watching now as i

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