In this UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, youtube/LookNowTV in Februaray, …

In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, youtube/LookNowTV, in the y…
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BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2013: 50 комментариев

  1. UFO sightings and alien abductions have become such a huge phenomenon in
    our culture! Most notably popularized by the sightings and wreckage found
    in Roswell, many people have become believers. Check out this free movie
    from Paranormal TV that captures the best UFO sightings on film and see for
    yourself here: bit(dot)ly/ParanormalTV_BestUFOCases.

    You should also watch Part 1 of the abduction of Travis Walton to hear a
    first hand experience of alien encounters here:

  2. 60 percent of ufo which are sighting in USA are the man made flying objects
    for the military. the manufacture team examine those flying objects by
    taking a test flight. A lot of inventions in flying objects has already
    been done but they are not officially announced due to military purposes.
    There have been flying objects which are disc or triangular in shapes
    invented by the engineers. These objects have the tendency to fly with
    antigravity, waves deflection, and much more….. 

  3. Lot’s of UFO’s in the world. Some are fake, some real. All are from
    somewhere. They come from the minds of talented (the good fake videos) and
    not so talented (the bad fake videos) computer savvy people.They also come
    from the billions of electron volt charges the Sun is bombarding us with
    every second of the day causing orbs or ball lightning effects. Some are
    legitimate photos and videos of strange objects. How many are visitors from
    Mars? My guess from today’s knowledge of the solar system is zero. How many
    are from another planet in our solar system? Same answer. Unless they are
    from a recently discovered Kepler Planet and developed extremely advanced
    space travel technology then no one has traveled here from another star. So
    where are they from? Maybe the future. The possibilities are 1 interstellar
    travelers, 2 inter-dimensional travelers or 3 time travelers. Plus the
    hoax’s and mistaken sightings. If they are from somewhere else no matter
    who or what they are it took a lot of knowledge and energy to get here. I
    hope they were not terribly disappointed with all of their efforts to get
    here and find a beautiful on of a kind (in it’s solar system) planet in the
    first stages of dying and over populated by a bunch of almost hairless
    apes that have developed simple technology and are consumed with greed and
    power. I’m sure the Grey’s consider us the Planet Of The Apes. What will
    the rest of our Galactic Neighbors think of us when they land here? The
    biggest question is what will they do if they don’t like what they see?
    Will they allow business as usuall or will they do something to alter the
    future? Will man on Earth be viewed as a failure by GOD and once again be
    purged from the world? No matter if you have a scientific or religious
    opinion on this subject the signs are here that we are going through some
    changes socialy , politically, economically and scientific while we are
    being observed by someone or something. What will we know tomorrow?

  4. And ditch that lateral lens flare, very unnatural. You also need to adjust
    the traveling matte at the top of the building at about 3:42. And if you
    want me to believe then at about 7:48 to 7:50 start tracking the object
    (just like any rational person would do if they were actually seeing
    something that was not going to be added later in post) instead of just
    using the handheld yet fixed shot of the planes wing…which to anyone who
    knows is just a setup shot for the animators. And the music; really?



    This particular video is not that impressive and only serves to discredit
    the whole field of UFO investigation, but there are thousands of other UFO
    videos, photos and other physical proofs of sightings which are very
    compelling and are difficult to ignore or trivialize.

    Those, along with the countless testimonials of eye witnesses and multiple
    corroborations from professional pilots, air traffic controllers and public
    figures like President Carter, the Governor of Washington state, the
    VATICAN and many more, are more then enough to allow those of us who are
    NOT in perpetual denial, to conclude that this UFO phenomenon is real.

    Maybe some, even perhaps MANY of them, are sightings of MAN-MADE secret
    technology but there are too many others involving obvious
    extra-terrestrial elements, like ANDROID type «little grey or green» men,
    to systematically dismiss and discredit all of it.

    In the language of my former profession as a trial lawyer for thirty years;
    in favor of our concluding that this phenomenon being REAL rather then
    concluding that all this proof is fake or that all those people are lying.

    The secondary consequence of the weight of all of this existing evidence is
    that the BURDEN OF PROOF would be on those who are skeptical to DISPROVE
    all of it.

    Let’s stop being distracted by these irrational cynics and focus instead on
    what should we doing about this ?

    We MUST increase the pressure on all our elected representatives to TELL US
    THE TRUTH. We are no longer living in the primitive, non-technologically
    advanced society of the 1940’s. Our generation has been acclimatized to the
    possibility of ALIEN life by numerous science fiction movies and books…WE


  6. extraterrestrial civilizations in very much, but there vyshy mind which
    governs the whole nature of the earth, and for them there are no barriers,
    they can even manage a cloud, and to introduce the egg in a woman they do
    not even have is truda.Oni besmertiem.Im has obeyed the speed of light and
    even higher than the speed of light, and this machine is vremeni.I ARIBUT

  7. OK you got me rolling. Don’t have the «ship» fly parallel to the buildings
    at 4:45 where the camera «just happens» to look skyward just before the
    «ship» «fly’s» by, and use more locations that are not NYC. And that music,
    talk about beating me over the head.

  8. Fairly good fakes. Kudos to the CGI animators, they do a pretty good job
    with the opacity through the clouds, but going to the cliché «and now we
    look through a filter» shit was boring. I give them credit for not audio
    editing in shocked reactions; way too cliché. If they had some graphics
    siting location, time, and witness name, it would add some «faux»
    credibility to this half way decent attempt. Better luck next time.

  9. my grandma and uncle saw one back in ciberia when she was taking care of
    she said it was shining blue light first they thought it was a metiorite
    then it swiched directions and took a course to their left zooming out of

  10. Why is it that guys that film ufo`s are always the guys with the worst most
    unclear picture quality. I mean common Ive seen clearer images of ison than
    these little black spots streaking across my screen, maybe if the ufo
    comunity learns how to use a video recorder they would earn some
    credibility with the rest of the world.

  11. i reckon LookNowTV is THE best YouTube channel for anyone who wants to
    check out good quality UFO sightings.
    the analysis in tye form of zooming in, applying color filters and giving
    us slow motion replays etc at the end of each clip is much appreciated too.
    the best compliment i can give LookNowTV is to say that they are the TOTAL
    OPPOSITE to ThirdPhaseOfMoon..!
    (just watch any of their ‘so called’ sightings videos and you will
    understand what i am trying to say..!) 

  12. Only a few actually look real,but the majority looked fake. Example, is
    where the UFO is in the red sky with a helicopter and UFO looks like
    cluster of balloons with a few birds flying into the frame and then
    disappearing behind clouds far away in the distance. Them birds would have
    had to been the size of a very large plane 747 or around that size. Other
    than that I think most of them were pretty good, to bad they were likely
    all fake.

  13. every single video is Bogus ……
    if i was the alien and if i was in any of the ship …. i never used any
    light in the ship
    and i never want to be seen to the creatures down bellow …. so i do not
    thing that if any Alien with that High IQ will come to earth like this so
    even a single missile or bullet can shoot it ….. 

  14. I was living in New Mexico and I saw some pretty weird stuff in the sky and
    on the ground. Lights swinging by themselves at the Schwanns Foods place I
    worked at as a loader. Outside bay lights swinging with no wind at all.
    Weird stuff….

  15. These videos need more description. Where where they taken (for the
    exception of the obvious NYC clips), and by whom? Many of these have
    distracting camera movement and more than a few with a helicopter prominent
    in most of them… odd. Google: «Manhattan UFOS» if you want to read and
    see the account of what I think was one of the greatest mass sightings in a
    long time, also occurring in 2013. The event was televised on all the
    major networks, then the government just wrote them off as, «Three party
    balloons from Mount Vernon.» Then why did the hundreds of observers count
    between 50-100, and report that they remained in the same place for nearly
    nine hours, then «begin to glow bluish-white»? Have you ever seen a
    balloon stay in one spot for 9 hours? The bogus «balloon» cover story
    worked just as well as it did in 1947. The mass sighting was forgotten.
    Won’t people ever learn?

  16. Kinda «miss» sighting a ufo, it’s been raining a lot, it’s always clouded,
    so… In the summer I sighted ufos every single day! Portugal is a good
    spot for sightings, especially in my area, the north… 

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