Best UFO Sightings Flying Saucers Unidentified Flying Objects April 2015 HD

Best UFO Sightings Flying Saucers Unidentified Flying Objects April 2015 HD

In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV This UFO video features incredible UFO Sightings from, Nevada, New…

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Best UFO Sightings Flying Saucers Unidentified Flying Objects April 2015 HD: 23 комментария

  1. The video just came out and i’m not finished watching yet. Again 2 thumbs
    down right away. Losers out there waiting for your videos only to thumb
    them down out of pure jealous. LOL! Good job guys i watch all your

  2. Rick! In-fucking-credible! You are the man. Where do you get these
    videos? I have seen some of them before — but you have an eye to not let
    any bullshit videos get on your channel if you can help it. Light years
    away from Turd Phase of Baffoon. Videos — great. Editing — great. Music —
    eh? Might I suggest RUSH, Pink Floyd or Jordan Rudess — just kidding.

    I have been studying the phenomenon over 20 years, and what you bring to
    the table in these videos to establish the reality that «Something Is Going
    On Here On This Planet!» visually confirms every aspect of the countless
    thousands of eyewitnesses of the past who have claimed of the maneuvers and
    shape shifting abilities of these vehicles. I salute you.

    You are helping to finally rip this Alien cat out of the bag — I say it is
    high time we all had a good hard look. Congratulations again for knocking
    another one clean out of the park. There are other good sites out there —
    but if you keep this up; you will be the one to play catch up to. Great
    job once again — keep it up. I think you know just how important this will
    be one day.

  3. I myself am a FIRM believer in UFO’s, having seen them myself, along with
    an unidentifiable humanoid, that to this day, I believe to have been alien.
    What makes a lot of vids hard to discern, is the onslaught of personal
    drones you can now purchase. Most often, its next to impossible to get even
    a relevant size or distance. You just see a hovering light. Now, objects
    making a high speed take off/turn is different. Those I can easily believe.
    Those in space, easy to believe. But just a slow moving/hovering light in
    the sky? To hard to really prove UFO. At least of the alien type. But great
    vids anyway! Thank you!

  4. What fly in min 2:27 so fast ?A insect?Many objects flying to fast for a
    normal eyes.(no sound).Whats going on with the goverments on this
    world?(sorry for my english).

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